The side effects of prom hair

Now that I am revived and on a normal sleep schedule, I am back again to blog :). Not much has happened since Sunday night, it’s been great haha! Monday morning I slept until 10, I love saying that. It was so “not productive”. I needed it. I had high school in the afternoon, of course. That was a snooze.. Same people, same place, different work sheet, different chapter. I think the shorter amount of time I’m at school for, the longer it seems. My eyes move to the clock on the wall almost the instant I sit down. Tuesday, Andrew had an eye appointment in Utica. It was at 9 and since Utica has a mall I went along for the trip ;). I had some skirts to return and I had Victoria’s Secret free panty coupons. On the way back, we stopped for lunch. I was so incredibly full as we drove home, I couldn’t possibly function enough to go to school. I mean it’s a bore as it is, but throw in a full stomach and a crazy sleep schedule from 2 nights before? No thank you. Some how some way I convinced my mother that I can make up any work I miss in less than an hour, which is practically true, and she let me stay home. I don’t know why Andrew got to stay too, but I think it was an all or nothing deal. My parents were preoccupied with the new Realtor, they’ve changed the price on our house AGAIN and are insisting we will have a sale in 30 days. I hope they’re right, but I can’t help but feel they’re being completely unrealistic. I don’t know why anyone would want to move here, with the crappy schools and the small town bull. I love our house, that isn’t the issue at all… I just think I would be scared to move to a town where half the houses in it are for sale.

Today I was much more productive than my last 2 days, and it’s already 12 oclock. Ogg (my baby brother) has the nerve to wake me up at 8, and I’ve been going ever since. My mom has been packing stuff in boxes, I made an 8 page list of all the stuff I am going to need for college.. but I just realized I forgot to put an iHome on there so maybe the list will get longer.  I set up my debit card so I can check the amount on it through an app on my phone, I set up a savings account *GASP*, I got myself looking put together and fabulous in my new Ann Taylor patchwork blazer, and even breathed every once in a while. The only thing I wish I could’ve done but didn’t?? Gotten rid of prom hair.

I believe prom hair is a real thing. I’ve washed my hair like 20 times since prom and it won’t go back to it’s original form. I blew it dry, straightened it.. used conditioner, didn’t use conditioner, tried 3 different shampoos, and scrubbed with my fingers. Nothing is working. I cannot get the bottle of hairspray out of my hair. At least I can say that bottle of hairspray was worth it, my hair looked great.. but the aftermath? Is gross! I feel like I can’t get my hair completely clean. This was another reason I was excused from attending highschool yesterday afternoon.

I looked up some ideas online for curing said prom hair and I’ve decided because lemon juice didn’t work last year and I’m out of carbonated water (2 methods) I might need to try Apple Cider Vinegar. *BLAHHH*

Cue the gagging noise.

I hate apple cider vinegar. Just the 3 words next to each other sound repulsive. I can’t be on the 1st floor of the house when my parents decide to clean the coffee maker with it, and I refuse to gargle with vinegar of any type when my throat is sore.. but that’s how bad my hair is. My roots are growing in -already- and I don’t need to draw any more attention to that with additional hair spray and grease. UGHHHH.

If anyone has any brilliant ideas, I may pay the $15 and get a macadamia mask and renewal hair treatment on Saturday.

Pretty soon I’ll have sunk $300 dollars into this head of mine. Smh.


It doesn’t need to match, it goes…from my head to my toes.

This morning when your fashionista rolled out of bed, she was inspired. The first thought (besides the pain in my tooth) was about the cobalt blue blazer and cheetah print loafers. I obviously had to wear a stellar outfit to link them but what wear.. I’m your typical preppy styled girl, for the most part. I enjoy things that are matchy match, so it was odd that I decided on a pair of sparkly sweater tights, a plaid navy blue n red skirt (not cobalt :O), and my “chick with brains” top. My button earrings completed the look and honestly, I was happy with it. My mother, she was confused. I told her apparently she had to fashion forward to understand (I’m grumpy at 8 in the morning) and she replied I didn’t match. I decided after that comment that my outfit doesn’t need to match, it goes…from my head to my toes.

The cheetah loafers were in the same color family as my yellow button earings. The gray sparkles in my stockings matched my chick with brains shirt, my navy n red skirt was in the same color family as my blazer and my glasses (RED) obviously tied it all together. I got a few funny looks, but most of them I will take as an obvious sign of jealousy because I think it took nerve to pull off something out of my comfort zone.

After I got through my “Understanding Textiles” and “Retail Buying” courses this morning, I had the thrill of an emergency root canal. My tooth was getting worse, and I was FREAKING OUT at the idea of getting it taken care of, but I honestly had not choice.


I know you were worried.. I was. Anyways. I was puffy and uncomfortable -still am- but it will hopefully the operation  will have been worth it. As a reward, my momma took me to the prom dress store 🙂 where she put down the downpayment on the BEAUTIFUL cream and black rose ball gown. I won her over, she now likes it too. I am planning on wearing it with black gloves and a black choker. The only bad news? It was 200 dollars more than I thought. Oops.

2 hours later I worked my shift at k-mart. It was boring, and I was hungry. The good thing about a corset-backed dress is the chewy chocolate chip cookies that I ate (on one side of my mouth) can go to my hips with at least 5 lbs of wiggle room and I will be fine :).

On my shift I started to add up all the money I need. That always seems to happen when I have 20 dollars to my name. My sister’s birthday is saturday. As I made her birthday purchases my card decided to decline. Humiliating… but tomorrow is payday, thank God. I have to save money (never been my strong suit) to pay for half of my winterball dress, half of my prom dress, corsages, prom tickets, winterball tickets, and of course supporting my habit of shopping. I’m going to Georgia (ALONE) to meet my Aunts, they’re renting a vacation home on the beach for spring break and obviously I am going to buy new ADORABLE preppy touristy clothes.. I wanted to buy the knew rolling luggage and duffles Vera Bradley had on sale today, but it amounted to 300 dollars quicker than I thought.. and lets just say thank God I don’t have a real credit card.

Well, I’m starting to feel light headed from either the lack of food, need to sleep, or Novocain wearing off,  probably all of the above, but I supposed that means it’s a sign to go. I hope everyone has a fabulous and fashion forward friday tomorrow, I will be sure to blog again then! Let me just leave you with one more thing that amused me on my credit card google search (:

Night preps!