Lack of time, Love of fashion.

Amidst the college chaos, I do not know when I can possibly write for fun any more.

It’s the definition of depressing, if we’re being completely honest here.

I really want to keep up with writing about everything fashionable. Not much has changed, I am still sporting trends.. but when 3 papers on average a week are being shoved in my face about nothing pertaining to fashion.. and I am going to bed at approx. 3 am. I just haven’t found the time.

I got out of one of my classes early today, and today is the start of the long weekend so I am taking these precious moments to clue you in.

I left my laptop in my room so I’m at a quick-and-go computer standing station. That’s how much I just need to gush.

I’m wearing pink and green plaid sperry top sider rainboots that are squishing my toes, black skinnies, a lime green polo and a pink blazer. I look like some type of sweet treat just exploded. Sadly I hadn’t had time to put on green eye shadow, but no worries the hot pink lipstick was a must have.

Kate, my purse, compliments the attire flawlessly. I really to captivate attention.

I can’t wait to go home this weekend and not though. I just want to lay around and do nothing. I am bringing my friend Kristina home with me, it’s going to be incredibly fun.  Today, my best friend is also coming to Canisius! Well one of them. I’ve gushed about her before: Rebecca. She’s coming from NAZ for the night and I am thrilled.

Everything is falling into place even when I don’t have time. What is your quick go to fashion look? As crazy as mine? Thats what you get for planning at 3 am.



I like big books and I cannot lie


I’m back to the land of wifi and empty rooms scattered with boxes! I cannot believe I move in 4 days… and then go to college 2 days later.

It’s honestly horrifying.

I’ve packed up most of my belongings at this point, I know that half of the ones I want to college will not get there safely. Its a fact I still haven’t come to terms with.. but I know our history of packing things and I have like 15 bins of clothes.

I wish I was exaggerating.

The walls that once held Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn posters are empty, leaving behind the permanent laminated quote:

When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I am already better than them.

Those words got me through high school, what quote will get me through college?

I wish I could take the quote with me, but it refuses to peel. Ignore the messy bed, and terrible lighting but I think you get the state of my room currently. Obviously it typically looks better than this. I couldn’t live fashionably in a room that dull.

My newest concerns besides anxiety attacks because my life is packed up in boxes, are the fact that I cannot figure out how all of this is going to fit in a dorm with another girl that adores clothing possibly more than I do.


And this sharing a bathroom with a whole hall thing? It’s gonna suck. I know I’ve complained before.. but now that the rug is being ripped out from under me and I’m losing the comfort zone of my bedroom (one of the only nice places in this town) as well as a bathroom to get ready in.

I’m very annoyed.


Why does she think she can do that? Have a life I mean?

The only thing getting me through this time of urgency are nerd quotes (hence the title), wanelo, and pinterest.

I really want to buy this bag with that quote on it through etsy. I got the okay to start shipping purchases to my dorm (cuz I don’t have a living place after wednesday and I’m not paying premium) and I feel like abusing the privilege asap.

I keep painting my nails and shopping online too.

Don’t worry, some things never change </3


Just because it works out, doesn’t mean it works out how I planned.

I miss my best friendddddddddddd. ❤

Ugh. It’s so tough sometimes. I just want to shop and be with my true friends, it’s like a curse. I can’t have all the money in the world to shop, and all of my fabulous friends live hours away. I think I figured out my college plans though, but as you know if you follow my blog, those change daily.

I am going to HCCC next year. Well.. scratch that statement. I will be enrolled as a student at HCCC but I will be taking all of my courses online, and I will be getting my associates. I will not live in this rinky dink town though, I’ll move with my parents to Buffalo, where I can start over, work real retail (like Chanel or something), get a new car (part of the deal with my parents), and laptop. Oh, and I don’t have to pay room and board or for food obviously, so I can still shop quite a bit.


I have this feeling like I want to cry though.

I want a social lifeeeee.

I want that roommate that makes me pull my hair out because of the banana peel she left on the dresser.. Or the roomate I can share clothes with. But you don’t always get what you want. And $50,000 a year doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a good roommate. $0 guarantees the worst thing I can get is my sister, and they WILL NOT make me share anyways, if I have any say.

I know this is the most practical decision, even if it’s one I don’t want to make. I know that I can study in London year 3 and then go to SCAD year 4 if I am still in love with it. Or go to FIT. Even Marist or Lasell. All I know is I will have way more options and should qualify for more financial aid since we are doubling the size and cost of our house by moving.

But the pessimist in me says, like hell our house is gonna sell..

It’s been on the market since September and 2 people have looked at it. You are putting your college decisions on hold for THAT? Even if monthly your parents are lowering the price $5,000, nobody in their right mind is going to want to move into this town. I wouldn’t anyways.

I plan on talking to my grandparents this weekend for Easter and seeing if I can guarantee my living in Buffalo -with them- with or without the rest of my family, prior to when the house sells, this summer. I just feel like, I’m screwed, but I have to make the best of it. And someone out there has got it worse than me.

Trust me. Someone out there, most people out there don’t have this beautiful a wardrobe. 🙂

It’ll work out. There’s no other option, but it working out.

The tough thing is, just because it works out, doesn’t mean it works out how I planned.