Why you should advertise on my blog

Hey dolls,

I was on twitter the other day and noticed a few of my fellow bloggers bonding over their “disgust with companies/bloggers that do not understand the benefits of advertising on their blogs”.   Then I realized, maybe that’s because we have to spell it out!


…In the form of guest blog posts:

With the new school year just around the corner, I have a lot of work and organizing to do.  I would like to dedicate even more time to my blog, so having an agenda for posts is absolutely mandatory.  I have a few open dates for the months of August and September, if anyone is interested in Guest Blogging on Clearing Preppy’s Name.  The main benefits of Guest Posting entail increased publicity and access to a specific niche audience.  There are a few rules, but essentially it’s just important to have fun and make sure your post pertains to CPN readers!  I appreciate a minimum of 10 days notice on scheduling a Guest Post.  If you or any other fellow fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers you know would be interested in this opportunity, please contact me by e-mail at preppylogic15@yahoo.com or clearingpreppysname@gmail.com.

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… In the form of “buttons”:

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to a guest post, but would like some of the attention and access to readers that comes along with it, I suggest we swap ads/buttons!  It’s so simple.  You can take the HTML code for one of my buttons in the right hand side bar or use Passionfruit Ads.  This is the last month that I will be using Passionfruit Ads now that it is charging (BOO!!!!), but if you use the code “PREPPY SWAP” right now, it’s still free (See Advertising tab for Ad Store).  If I promote your site, please return the favor.  I reserve the right to remove a button at any time, but that’s no fun!! So, please just follow the rules :).

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… In the form of sidebar advertisements:

For companies ranging anywhere from an etsy store to a corporation, please look into my sidebar advertising opportunities.  The advertising costs are negligible compared to the potential.  Seriously, avoid your Starbucks run twice a month and you can afford my 125×125 ad.  You have the availability to find a brand new customer base.  Anyways, as previously noted, I am currently using Passionfruit Ads, but that will end soon.  You can e-mail me at preppylogic15@yahoo.com or clearingpreppysname@gmail.com and if you provide me with an ad (to the specified size requirements) then we can complete the transaction via PayPal.  Ads will still run for 30 day increments unless a 6 month or year package has been discussed further.

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…in the form of product reviews:

It is a proven fact that people believe other people more than they believe a bulletin board, newspaper ad, or evident form of self promotion.  Due to the credibility I have as the founder of Clearing Preppy’s Name, I have the ability to impact my audience’s opinion of your product positively or negatively.  There are certain product reviews I do simply to share my opinion.  I do not accept all product review offers and I am completely honest.  When a brand is releasing a new product, or specializes in clothing/accessories that are particularly preppy, it will be noted to the reader as endorsed with an asterisk (*).  Items must pertain to the audience.  The potential publicity that a post can gain varies based on the effectiveness of the company’s promotion via social media platforms, as well as my own.  If you are interested in my stats, please e-mail me at preppylogic15@yahoo.com or clearingpreppysname@gmail.com.  Again, please let me emphasize my opinions in a post are always honest and not impacted by receiving free products or compensation.

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… in the form of giveaways

Similar rules to a product review apply to a giveaway.  I need to be familiar with a product (either provide me with a sample or send 2 of the item) to promote it.  I will do a mini review of the Item, it must be relevant.  I use rafflecopter for all giveaways.  In order to earn entries, contestants must: “like” your company Facebook page, “follow” your company account on Twitter, “follow” your company account on Instagram etc, “subscribe” to your company Blog. This is a great way to increase traffic on social media.


… in the form of comments

I love getting feedback from my readers and fellow bloggers.  If there is a topic that you would like covered on the page or advice that you feel would be blog-changing, PLEASE pass it along.  Also, the more (not spam) comments a post has, the more potential your comment has to be seen.  If you are representing another blog or company this is extremely important!  You can leave a comment publicly below/on any post or contact me by e-mail at preppylogic15@yahoo.com or clearingpreppysname@gmail.com.

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Why should I consider advertising on your blog or working with your company?

****Please note: I am looking into Adproval, WP 125 Plugin, and good old fashioned HTML coding for ads in the future.


Two more days until the college part of me is on Summer Vacation.

I’ll never ever ever ever do it again.

Okay, maybe.. like if someone dies in my family, or I’m in a coma.. but I’ll really try to never ever ever leave everyone out of the loop from my life again! I can’t go without my blog, I talk about it so much! But I just didn’t blog for like 2 weeks? So what’s happened to me? Hmmmm.


I made that 4.0 possible. I’m not saying I got it, but I’m saying after some major blog deprivation and super studying I am coming back from the 3.9 possibility haha

I’ve become best friends with my roomate and suitemates. I CANNOT wait until college. I got an e-mail about orientation and started getting nerves about the outfit I will wear already.

Besides planning that far in my future I’ve been planning a little closer too. In the next month is FASHION CAMP and after a few bumps in the road, I’ve figured out how I can be compensated for what I deserve (I mean this in the least greedy way possible) and I’ve decided on some project for my little minions to complete! Haha I mean that in the most endearing way :).

Last Saturday I went to a Fashion Show. Herkimer style. It was REALLY good. All this surrounding of fashion.. you would think I would never change my mind about what I want to do with my life/major/college experience.

I thought so too.

But I guess we both thought wrong dolls 😦 Very wrong.

I’m not meant for this! I decided on Canisius, except I thought the whole time I was meant to be on the Retail Buying end of Fashion. And everything is so much clearer now, I’m not!

Who would want to make the girl that failed the Trig Regents a retail buyer? What girl that failed the Trig Regents would WANT to crunch numbers?

GROSS. Not this girl.

So last minute, per usual, I changed my mind. The thing is, it’s for good this time. I am not allowed to change it back again!

I am going to Canisius. But I am highlighting my skills, like writing and talking.

So guess what I’m going for?

I should give you time, maybe a cliff hanger.. but I’m not going to. Because I have ranted in almost 2 weeks and I feel you deserve to know that I am going to be majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.


None of my hard work will go to waste. And I will still make you all proud. After all, preps are known for their stubborness and hard working attitude aren’t they?

Wouldn’t want to dissapoint!