Sight seeing at Walden Galleria

Yesterday I went to the Walden Galleria mall (in Buffalo) and saw some interesting things.  I had an interview with Forever 21, but it was impossible to leave without popping into a few stores.. the result? This blog post.

alt="pink eyelinert", alt="sight seeing at walden galleria"


I saw pink eyeliner.

I have mixed feelings about pink eyeliner.  I really like the color, but I’m not sure what it does to the eyes?  Emphasize veins?  I’ve been hunting for a pink eyeliner, now that I’ve found one at Sephora, now I might understand why the color is hard to find.

alt="jcrew", alt="sight seeing at walden galleria"

I saw impossible to wash rhinestone studded tops.

I’m not one for buying clothes out of practicality, but COME ON.  I saw so many rhinestone studded necklines on tops today, and I have no idea how you could wash them.  Even if I decided to go at it by hand (LOL) they would become damaged.

alt="sight seeing at walden galleria", alt="i hate wedge sneakers"

I saw lots of wedge sneakers.

Nobody can convince me that combining wedges and sneakers is a good thing.  Wedges are worn for height and sneakers are worn for comfort.  They are two separate animals!  I am anti-wedge sneakers.  Barf me. Literal trend vomit.

alt="denim jacket", alt="sight seeing at walden galleria"

I saw an indigo denim jacket. (and now I want it)

Both Loft and The Limited had very cute dark denim jackets.  I had a faded denim crop jacket in like 7th grade and it was so ugly that it ruined denim jackets for a really long time… but I can already see how cute and essential an indigo denim jacket will be this fall so I need one. Obviously.

alt="sight seeing at walden galleria", alt="banana republic black heels"

I saw the perfect black leather pumps.

I don’t own the perfect pair of black leather heels. THERE. I SAID IT.  I don’t know why I haven’t invested money into a quality pair, but I need to.  And I saw ones that might have passed the test at Banana Republic.. but I didn’t try them on.  I wasn’t in the mood to spend $$$.

When I wasn’t sight seeing, I was shopping of course. I bought 2 pairs of ankle pants from The Limited.  They were only $10 a pair!!  It’s hard to be thrifty at Walden Galleria because it’s so big and there are so many tempting options.  I paid more in gas to get to and from the mall and I found out the Visual Merchandising Position was already taken at Forever 21 so if it weren’t for my awesome deal the trip would have been somewhat of a waste.

What “sights do you see” at the mall?

Why tv/movie characters are my fashion role models

If you look around you on an ordinary day, people simply don’t dress well.  I don’t live in New York City or somewhere glamorous, so maybe I’m harsh.. but go to Wal Mart and people watch, then get back to me.  Since “real life people” are such a let down, I turn to television/movie characters for inspiration:

Charlotte York: Sex and the City

alt="charlotte york", alt="preppy sex and the city", alt="modern day jackie o"


Many SATC fans turn to Carrie Bradshaw for style inspiration, but the true style goddess is Charlotte York.  Her flawless presentation and elegant clothing is like a Jackie O, yet so modern day.

alt="charlotte york", alt="maternity polka dot dress", alt="sex and the city charlotte"

Blair Waldorf: Gossip Girl

alt="blair waldorf", alt="blair waldorf in high schoolt", alt="preppy gossip girl"

Also known as “My Queen”, Blair Waldorf is the inspiration for this blog.  She is the reason I wear headbands and pearls.  She is so sophisticated, classy, and high end that it’s difficult not to want to be her, or want her.. how Chuck resisted for so long is beyond me.

alt="blair waldorf green cape", alt="blair waldorf winter"


Cher: Clueless

alt="cher clueless", alt="cher clueless shopping", alt="cher clueless knee socks"


My love for knee socks dates back to 1995, all thanks to Cher..  Okay, I would have only been 1, but you get my point.  I love how confidently she always struts in the most traditional prep wear.  17 years may have passed, but I would still dress like her.

alt="clueless cher"


Marianne Bryant: Easy A

alt="amanda bynes easy a", alt="easy a merianne bryant", alt="easy a christian girl"

Before Amanda went (twitter) crazy, she played the holy Christian.  Irony?  Maybe.  In real life I would never admire her style though.. unless we go back to her circa 2005. This just further proves my point that tv/movie characters are better.

alt="2013 amanda bynes", alt="crazy amanda bynes"

Which tv/move characters are your fashion role models?

My name is Allison Deutschman and I am a monogram-aholic.

I believe it is part of prep territory to love monograms.  I recently have become obsessed, and instagram is completely to blame.

I never realized that boutiques and ordinary people like you and me can set up shop on instagram.  I always saw the photo (and recently video!) app as just a sharing tool, but now I see that the possibilities are endless.

Introducing: Miley’s Monograms



Follow @mileysmonograms on instagram, you won’t regret it.  She posts monogrammed tees, shorts, bags, tanks, towels and cosmetic bags all the time!  She has a huge range of thread color options as well as various fonts.  I ordered 3 tops with an anchor, eiffel tower, and sea horse 2 weeks ago, but just this past week she had a B1G1 half off sale, I regret not purchasing.. but I’m saving for a car (LOL).

To order you can text her at 919-389-0881 or e-mail her at  Her shipping is only $3.50!  If you’re in Raleigh, NC she may even meet up with you.  She accepts cash, checks, PayPal and now even credit cards.  It honestly couldn’t be any easier than that.



Of course Miley’s Monograms isn’t the only company to take advantage of this new business method.  I found CBC Monograms the same way..

Introducing: CBC Monograms

Caroline sells similar products as Miley’s Monograms, but my personal favorites are the headbands and button downs.  You can’t get any more prep that that!  Below is my recent order:

photo (26)


You can browse more CBC Monograms items on instagram @cbcmonograms or place an order by texting her at 276-614-4355.

Have you ever purchased items thanks to instagram?