Roswell Park Pink Party


Roswell Park Cancer Institute has an established relationship with the college I attend, University at Buffalo.  They have an alliance with UB that helps graduate students to obtain more training in the medical field as well as internship opportunities for undergraduates.  Roswell Park has a well-respected reputation in the Buffalo area and some very active community members that support their cause.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Star 102.5 sponsored The Pink Party: Cupcakes and Cocktails fundraiser on behalf of Roswell Park at The Statler City Hotel.  I was lucky enough to attend the event and would encourage everyone to buy tickets next year and support their efforts.  The turn out was fantastic!  There was a wine and specialty beverage tasting, cupcake sampling, basket raffles, boutique shopping, Tony Walker & Co fashion show, and an intimate Five for Fighting concert.  Besides enjoying the delicious food, drinks, and entertainment, I also learned about the trends that you can expect to see at Tony Walker & Co for the fall and winter months ahead:


1)   Leather Jackets

2)   Distressed Jeans

3)   Ankle Booties

4)   Destroyed Tops

5)   Cropped Sweaters

6)   Maxi Dresses

7)   Tribal Print

8)   Bubble Jackets

9)   Headphone Drawstring Hoodies

10)  Asymmetrical Skirts

It was difficult to take photos of the models in the pink tinted lights, but the colorful atmosphere really added to the experience.


Roswell Park Pink Party, star 102.5 pink part


Roswell Park Pink Party, five for fighting, star 102.5 pink party, To further support local Breast Cancer research make sure to attend the Shoptober event on Elmwood, October 24th from 5-9.  15% of your purchases at participating businesses will benefit America’s Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  You will also have the opportunity to vote in the bra decorating contest starting October 14th.

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An alternative option for Thirsty Thursday

Growing up in Buffalo as a college student means there are very few options for Thursday night.  Thirsty thursday can take place at the frat houses, “The U”, or other various bars, but it can get old…  How about living a little more of a cultured life style?  Take the money you may or may not ordinarily spend on beer (wine, piña coladas, whatever) and splurge on a Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra ticket.  You won’t regret it.

buffalo philharmonic orchestra, joy of music and wine festival, romeo and juliet buffalo philharmonic orchestra, bpo

Last thursday, BPO enchanted my ears with Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s overture Romeo and Juliet.  I also saw a few stars from Deleware in the Park reenact the main scenes of the play.  It took place at Kleinhan’s Music Hall, but really pulled the audience into Verona, Italy, the setting of Romeo and Juliet.  The show was a great excuse to get dressed up and listen/watch something magical that has been around since Shakespeare wrote the play in 1597.  I was so thrilled to be watching Shakespeare that I incorporated it into my essay for a Lit and Law class, contrasting the themes of the play with another one of his work’s, Merchant in Venice.

It was an educational night, but also quite exciting.  I learned that originally the Russian Composer, Sergei Prokoriev intended to allow his music to create a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet.  This was due to added pressure by the Communists of Russia, that felt the ending was not acceptable to Soviet Sensors.  Thankfully, he did not change his mind and ended the play with the dramatic deaths of Romeo and Juliet.. Boy, that would change the story line as we know it!

The music performed by BPO emphasized intense battle scenes and suspenseful moments in the plot.  To call the music melodious, does it no justice.  The harp’s elegance was my personal favorite.  The clarinets added a mysterious and whimsical element.. but really don’t try to have me describe it.  Go witness it first hand at their next show -or their “Joy of Music and Wine Festival” on November 21st.  I know I want to go!

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the men that played the steel drums in the orchestra, Matt.  He was in charge of keeping the beat, a HUGE role if you really think about it.  Due to my limited ability to even read music (back from the days when I was 8 and played piano), I have no right to judge his ability, but I would say he did a phenomenal job.  Matt did not just wake up one day and think “hmmm, I’ll be a timpist”.  He went to school in Cleveland and got his BM and MM.  He tried out multiple times for BPO, and didn’t make the cut.  The standards, even with over 15 years of experience, are very high.  He is thrilled to be apart of the famous group now, along with 60-70 others.

It was great to attend an event in Buffalo that wasn’t just about fashion.  It was quite relaxing, and a very personalized experience.  It also happened to be Buffalo State Music Night, I was amazed at how many professors were members of BPO!  Their music really told a story, and I am so glad that I had the chance to witness it.

“Never was there a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

buffalo philharmonic orchestra

Finally, H&M has an online store for United States customers.

alt="finally, h&m has an online store for united states customers", alt="shop h&m online"

Since I moved out of central New York, the closest H&M is about a 50 minute drive.  To some of you, H&M is completely worth it.. but what I spend on gas would be the equivalent to one of their tops, so I honestly can’t justify it too often.  For this reason I am so excited that as of, August 1st, 2013, H&M has an online store for United States customers.

Welcome to the 21st century.

It’s certainly taken them long enough.  In 2013, I don’t know of any other chain store that has been as successful in the States without an e-tailer platform.  The dangerous thing about H&M online, similarly to Forever 21 online, is that the quality of most of their items is repulsive.  When a 00 model thats been photo shopped beyond belief and is wearing the item though, that can be easy to forget.  I know this should stop me from ordering, but lets face it: I’m a college girl on a budget and I have a weak spot for oversized sweaters and cheap accessories -even if they only last a month.

alt="finally, h&m has an online store for United States customers", alt="h&m plus size"

Plus- there’s more.

I’m not sure how long H&M Plus has existed, but it is brand new to me.  And it’s also online!  There aren’t as many options in trendy stores for the full figured women, so although twiggy girls may not understand my excitement, I know my fellow curvy ladies do.  Once you reach a certain point, bigger sizes cost more, but with H&M’s already cheap prices, the cost vs. Lane Bryant (for example) is minimal.

H&M has an online store for United States customers, but they still need to improve:

CRITIQUE 1: I don’t like the fact that I can’t filter a category by price.  As a fashion forward store focused on making inexpensive products, a “low to high” feature is absolutely necessary.

CRITIQUE 2: Where’s the search bar?  I’m sure H&M paid some web nerds way too much money to design a site for the States, but even I (the self hosted wordpress blogger) know that the site needs a search bar.  When I’m looking for an item in particular, I’m not going to check every page.. I’m just going to bounce to a competitor’s page.

CRITIQUE 3: Rompers don’t have their own section (like tops, pants, shorts, etc).  I know that many stores don’t have a romper tab, but since I can’t search for the term romper.. I don’t know where to find them. [see previous critique]

CRITIQUE 4: You can’t return online purchases in store.  I don’t understand why stores have silly rules like this.  IT’S YOUR PRODUCT. TAKE IT BACK.

CRITIQUE 5: The length, inseam, and other various measurements are not listed next to products.  When ordering online, a company should try to make your experience as worry free as possible.  Their size chart is great, except we all know that certain products and materials fit differently, therefore measurements are much more dependable.

CRITIQUE 6: There is no place for customers to leave feedback/reviews.  It’s free information from real people giving their opinions.  The feedback can be complimentary (I love this shirt) or a warning (order a size up).  It’s simple and big competitive brand Forever 21 takes advantage of it.  What a silly reason to lose customers!

alt="finally, h&m has an online store for United States customers", alt="h&m vs forever 21"

How do you feel about H&M’s new online store (USA)?

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