Just wing it. #Wingfest18

My love for carbs and cheese is pretty obvious, I talk about it all the time. I went on a date the other day and we spent at least 30 minutes talking about how it’s great that I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, just a carbovore. I decided to trade in pasta and bread for some of the world’s best Chicken Wings/Buffalo Wings* on Sunday, for research.

(From left to right) remnants of the Peach BBQ wing, the Chicken French wing and the Sticky wing


I partnered with #WingFest18 at Coca Cola Field in Buffalo and tried several “out of the box” wing flavors including..

  • Peach BBQ from Windjammers-there were giant chunks of sugar crystals on top of the bbq peach sauce, eliminating some of the heat. The perfect end of summer wing! It’s officially peach season here and I could go for another helping of these… BONUS -it was a flat wing, which I never really realized I prefer, until now.


  • Chicken French from Windjammers– lemon, butter and white wine on almost ANYTHING is going to be amazing, but on a fried chicken wing, it’s next level. My fellow blogger Briana aka BJMagg went back for a second Chicken French wing here, which with so many wing options in one place, really means this was a winner.


  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s from Boneheads Wing Bar– who would’ve thought you could find a wing with the iconic 1961 Audrey Hepburn film as the clear inspiration? Well you can’t get them in New York, but if you find yourself in Warwick, RI check out Boneheads. They had several funky flavor combinations (pepper and mountain dew, what?!) and a trophy on their front table recognizing their successes as a crowd favorite. I liked how for this particular wing tasted like maple bacon and was clearly acceptable to eat for breakfast, hence the title. Holy Golightly would approve.


  • Butterscotch BBQ from Quaker Steak and Lube -they had such a great range of wing flavor options at the QSL booth, but I didn’t feel like this particular wing was anything too extraordinary. I would compare it to a mellow BBQ, but I didn’t really pick up on the butterscotch like I had hoped. If someone had these at a Bills party I would eat them, but I would be a few drinks in.


  • Captain’s Candy Apple from Scallywag’s Grub & Spirits– sweet and spicy, but in a cinnamon-y way! It would probably be the basic white girl option, if we weren’t talking about chicken wings. I was so confused by this non-traditional dessert combo, but I really enjoyed it. Not sure I would eat with pizza though… Vanilla bean ice cream seems like a better accompaniment, but these are still wings we’re talking about ?!


  • The Sticky Wings, the Queens Choice – this saturated strawberry sauce chicken wing was from a booth with Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle photos abound. It was DELICIOUS. Although I can’t picture the Queen of England in a fascinator and matching gloves, elegantly diving into a bowl of sticky wings, I certainly would. We’d both probably wear pearls, in traditional preppy fashion.


I had a blast being a #wingfestpartner this weekend. What better all-American way to celebrate the end of summer than going to the National Buffalo Wing Festival?


*gasp, in case you’re from somewhere outside New York

Giveaway -Happy Birthday Perry’s Ice Cream

all photos by Sandra Arianna Photography


I have been working with/sampling/indulging in Perry’s Ice Cream for the past few months. It’s like a dream! Who wouldn’t want to be consulted for their opinion when flavors are featured or released? As a lifestyle blogger I write about a little bit of everything.. but this has to be one of the most fun and delicious collaborations I have had the opportunity to be a part of.

Perry’s Ice Cream is celebrating their 100th birthday and brought back limited edition retro flavors Parkerhouse, Heavenly Hash, Butterscotch Sundae and Malt Shoppe on March 21st, which can now be purchased at local grocers in WNY (Wegmans, Tops, Dash’s) and on their site. I’m most excited about Parkerhouse because this circa 1950s treat, amaretto and cherry ice cream, just speaks to my old lady taste and style. It also reminds me of Christmas cookies with that almond/amaretto extract flavor which I love!

When Perry’s reached out to see if I wanted to try some of these nostalgia inducing flavors, I couldn’t say no, but I also felt it would be greedy to keep all of this amazing ice cream to myself. Do you want some?

Enter the below giveaway before March 27th and 2 lucky winners will get 2 free 1.5 quart containers of “the good stuff”. Try out the new flavors to celebrate Perry’s centennial release or go with some of your favorites!! I 100% recommend Lemon Chillo and Let’s Dough Buffalo

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5 Restaurants I Want To Experience in Buffalo

It’s March in Buffalo, which is just another winter month. The snow has been a big tease, coming and going without warning so that us WNY-ers underestimate the road conditions and mistakenly wear the lighter puffy coat -__-. As spring breakers flaunt their insta pics in Cancun and St. Thomas, we shiver and forget what it’s like to not risk hypothermia outside. At least it’s staying light out later.. Well, with or without the snow and slush I have come up with 5 restaurants I want to experience in Buffalo ASAP.

Photo Courtesy of the Remedy House facebook page


Remedy House – It looks like a postcard in a snow storm. This victorian inspired beauty was showcased by Buffalo Rising and I can’t stop thinking about it. They have french inspired pastries, which I love the idea of (cuz carbs). And I can always get behind a place that sells cocktails and coffee -think of it like the least intimidating bar setting ever. It’s also pretty neat that the Rhode Island St restaurant came to be after the owners ran a very successful mobile espresso bar.



Rowhouse Bakery and Restaurant– The minute Step Out Buffalo compared every room in Rowhouse to a different episode on HGTV I was sold. I have been training for this moment!!! Who doesn’t want to drink mimosas and pretend they’re brunching in their mansion, library, conservatory, etc? They serve lunch, dinner, cafe items and handcrafted cocktails, so the possibilities are endless. Okay, I’m ready for a negroni and an instagram pic in front of one of those brick walls.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.tempobuffalo.com


Tempo- There aren’t many Italian restaurants in Western New York that I haven’t been to. I was on my way to Brunch a couple Sundays ago when I saw the sign for this brick beauty on Deleware ave, which inspired me to browse the menu after. Multiple dishes with goat cheese = when are we going!! I already know I would get the Eggplant Antipasto, undoubtedly. And if I wanted to be adventurous I would try the sweet onion tart (just don’t kiss me after lol). Tempo is a self proclaimed “Tuscan villa” with a “European Feel”, which makes me think this restaurant is probably the ideal place in Buffalo for a staycation meal. Bonus points: once the snow is gone they have an outside patio available to dine on!

Photo Courtesy of http://www.thedappergoose.com by Jason Varney Photography

The Dapper Goose: Yes, you can charge me a stupid amount of money for a plate of cheese. That sounds like an ideal meal to me. This restaurant is super unique, as it rotates small plates, large plates and exclusive cheeses based on what is available at area farms. They had French Onion Soup on the menu back in December and I’m still kicking myself for missing it… as my friends know I tend to pick restaurants while its cold outside based on this list #notsorry

Photo Courtesy of Roost’s Facebook Page, by Jackson Zimmerman


Roost: I like an entertaining dinner, an experience if you will, and this locally sourced eatery has an open kitchen that they say acts as “a stage so guests can watch all that we do”. **It’s not my story to tell, so I’m not going to air dirty laundry, but recently my friends and I had an extremely disappointing dining and drinking experience at a popular buffalo restaurant. Afterwards we wondered what happened when we were not looking!** I take comfort in knowing exactly what preparation is going into my meal and Roost understands that. They also have lemon waffles and mac n’ cheese on their brunch menu, great non-egg options for someone looking for other options like me.


I am ALWAYS looking for different restaurants to try in Western New York -please give me recommendations! Moving closer to the city has made experiencing gems like these more possible -and I want to take advantage of it. For more on my foodie favorites follow me on Instagram.