Christmas fever

How early is too early to celebrate Christmas? I’ve never had a strong opinion on the subject, but this year I am ready NOW (November 11th). I have “Christmas fever”. As soon as the clocks changed back for Daylight Savings last weekend my mood was immediately altered. I hate the dark and feeling like I should go to bed at 6pm, it sucks the energy out of me. I crave Christmas cookies and covering everything in tinsel when the chilly weather arrives! It reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My sister and I decorated my tree at my apartment this weekend, embracing the Christmas fever. I’ve never had a full size tree that was all mine, decorated exactly how I like it, maybe that has contributed to my early festive spirits? This has been one of the more fun parts of adulting.

I decided to go with a winter wonderland blue theme for my tree -because it’s not the traditional red and green I think it really feels as though it’s okay to have it set up so early. We also got our first sprinkling of snow this week, which I wasn’t thrilled to see, but that’s a sign to decorate right?!

At my parents’ house we always cut down the tree ourselves or bought a real one from the boy scouts about 2 weeks before the holiday. It seemed like too long to wait in my opinion and they still wanted it down by New Years Day -___- Real trees can have a lot of maintenance with the watering and shedding of needles, but they smell so good! This year I’m using an evergreen candle, but that’s okay. By using a fake tree with flocking (aka fake snow allllll over it) I can keep it up for as long as I want with little thought. Last year at work I may have gone a little overboard with my tiny fake pink tree at work -I decorated it for Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter and Spring just because I could.

Christmas means there are a surplus of blog posts on gift guides and festive outfits out there, yet I still seem to struggle with what to get people! I know I need to start buying and planning now since I want to give thoughtful presents.. this time of year just goes by so quickly! I can’t believe it’s less than two weeks to Thanksgiving. Do you ask people directly for gift ideas for themselves? It takes some of the fun out of it for me if I ask, but it’s better to get someone something they will actually appreciate rather than another “knick knack” I guess. Time to curl up with a cappuccino, put on my elf hat and plan! The tree is up and Christmas fever definitely came early for me this year.

Stop making excuses and go to one of these FREE fitness classes

I’ve been trying to live a more “active lifestyle” Whether it’s going to yoga classes or trying and failing at cycling, I tell myself that at least I’m putting forth effort.

Back in January I joined dancer-cise classes with a bunch of older ladies at the local elementary gym. It was awesome! A combo of line dancing and aerobics twice a week held me accountable for a few months.

Since then I’ve moved closer to work and joined a gym around the corner so that in theory I can’t make excuses. I now have access to as many yoga, kickboxing, barre, cycling -NOPE- and pilates classes as I would like to attend… ~like~ being key.

I tried out cycling on Wednesday and died about half way through. I burned over 200 calories in 30 minutes and would gladly have kept them all to not endure that torture again.

But all in all the gym is a decent time filler and it slightly combats my obsession with carbs and cheese. Instead of waiting until the new year, working out twice a week is my October resolution.

I have actually changed dinner plans with friends into gym dates twice this week, so that’s success in itself. Having someone counting on me to attend and then bonding over the struggle that are push ups and squats is motivation in itself.

If you aren’t part of a gym, have a fear of the lengthy contract commitment (me too.) or just want some new options I’ve compiled a small list of FREE classes that condone an “active lifestyle”. Stop making excuses and go to one of these FREE fitness classes in Western New York!


1). Heal Bflo- Raising Your Vibrations: Yoga (FREE). This class is being held at Start with Sleep at 1211 Hertel Ave in Buffalo at Noon on Saturday, October 28th. Be sure to register here as space is limited. Follow Heal Bflo on Facebook for more FREE events in the future.

*I’ve never attended this class, but I went to a Heal Bflo event with Templeton Landing (FREE yoga and mimosas yaaaaas) and it did not disappoint!

2) Fitness in the Parks- sponsored by Independent Health (FREE). They will not have classes available until Spring 2018, but stay tuned. They offer tons of classes at 21 parks in Western New York including but not limited to Tai Chi, Pilates, Pound and BollyX.

*I’ve gone to Zumba classes at Artpark and the view and sense of community only add to the experience!

3) Forever Fabulous Fitness- Zumba, PiYo Live, Boot Camp and more (Your first class is FREE. After that it’s $7 a class or buy a package and get your classes for $5 or less. There is also an unlimited class package for $35/month with a 12 month commitment) Classes are offered on a variety of days and times, at the studio at 525 Wheatfield St in Tonawanda. Check out the schedule here.

*I went to my first Zumba class last Saturday and LOVED IT. I felt like Brittney Spears’ back up dancer as I moved and grooved to lots of 90’s-2000’s jams. Shout out to Marie for her amazing energy and encouragement!!

4) Orange Theory: Never been? Me neither. Take a FREE 1 hour workout here -if this is your first visit (A variety of packages are also available for purchase). My friends Lauren and Char swear by the classes and used them to make themselves Wedding season ready. They have a bunch of locations nation wide, but in Western New York I know there are fitness centers on Niagara Falls Blvd in Amherst and Transit Road in East Amherst.

*To be honest, I’m extremely intimidated by the intensity.. but with a free class I guess I only have calories to lose!


On that note, I’m going to TJ Maxx to buy some hella cute ath-leisure wear.

Things to do in Buffalo -April

In April I found a lot of great things to do in Buffalo. There were a variety of fundraisers for wonderful causes as well as new restaurants to try. A key part of this whole revitalization in the city includes the organizations that are making it all happen.. and seeing them operate up close is pretty neat.

I had the opportunity to get up closed and personal with Family and Child Services at “Fashion Show with a Twist” at Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville on April 21st. Such a great experience!


Photo courtesy of child and family services

The proceeds of the event went to support Haven House, Erie County’s only licensed domestic violence shelter. There were a variety of vendors present ranging from Mary Kay to LuLaroe as well as silent auctions and although I did not partake in the dinner, it looked delicious. This was the perfect opportunity to pick up some Mother’s Day gifts for mom as well as a few treats for yourself. There was a fashion show sponsored by Lord and Taylor at Walden Galleria, sporting all sorts of casual styles. Jess Lyons, blogger of Bows and Bouquets, attended this event with me.

The following evening I went to Statler City for the Unyts “Bucket List Bash” fundraiser with my friend Megan. It was so much fun and I don’t even think we got to do everything in the 3 hours we were there! The food was delicious. There were mini cupcakes courtesy of Baked -one of my favorites-, a mashed potato bar -SWOON-, pizza and wings -of course-, Wegman’s cheeses and spreads and delicious apps from the hotel. Can’t complain about an open bar with signature drinks in Unyts logo colors either 😉


Bucket list bash for @unyts ??

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When I wasn’t eating and drinking, you could find me spinning the roulette wheel, getting a ~henna~ tattoo and taking photos with local newscaster celebrities. This event was so much fun, I’m definitely going back next year.

The following week on April 28 I attended the Elle Blow Dry Bar and Niagara Distilling Company’s “Drink and Dry” event. This may or may not have been due to the delicious floral gin that I sampled at the bucket list bash.





Since I was flying out to Florida to visit Tess (my fantastic sidekick from my Disney trip last March!) the following day, getting a complimentary blow out seemed like even more of an incredible idea than usual. The Elle Blow Dry Bar team was up to the challenge of making my barrel curls stay over night. There were half priced cocktails, a Pure Romance vendor and plenty of chatty attendees. Jess, who went to the “Fashion Show with a Twist” with me, also attended this event. Check out her cute curls and baby bump :D!


Your favorite #buffalobloggers @bowsandbouquets

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When people complain about there being a lack of things to do in Buffalo, I am a firm believer that they are looking in the wrong places. In just 2 weeks I went to 3 fantastic events. Especially now that the weather is getting nicer there are a surplus of things to do in the Nickel City. What’s on your list for May?