Happy 4th of July from Rusterior and I

Happy fourth of July everyone! I hope you’re enjoying some dazzling fireworks and delicious cookout foods, while staying cool. A heat wave has hit the greater Niagara area, resulting in close to triple digit temperatures -not exactly what we’re known for! I was surprised to learn that it hasn’t ever hit 100 degrees in Buffalo according to many local news channels. I can recall it exceeding 100F at least once in Central New York, but it’s still a very foreign concept. I don’t know how people deal with such exceedingly hot weather, sometimes for days or weeks at a time, out west and down south. At least with the cold you can add another layer or plug in another heater… Remind me of this when I inevitably whine about snow in November :).

I don’t really know how to shop for a season that doesn’t involve layers. On a typical June/July day I am still almost guaranteed to be sporting a cardigan or denim jacket, even if it’s just to combat the arctic tundra (AC) at work. The super comfortable and patriotic top  I received courtesy of Rusterior * was perfect for a dress down day at work and afterwards I was happy to throw on some denim cutoffs and make it work for a cooler summer evening. The fabric is breathable and breezy, ideal for layering under a flannel or over a tank. Can’t you just picture sitting around a bonfire, spreading the buffa-love in this tee?

I’m heading to Gilbert Lake this weekend, about an hour from my hometown/original CNY stomping grounds, to go camping with friends. I’m looking forward to swimming, snacking and lounging, while disconnecting from the 9-5ish hustle of the work week. This seems like the perfect way to celebrate America and the first week of July!

*Thank you Rusterior for collaborating with me as a brand rep! They are offering CPN readers 10% off their order with code Rfriends10 on etsy -check them out! #sponsored


#BuffaloBeauty2018 at Salon Envy

Some people have a “go to” hair dresser, a “go to” nail girl, a “go to” masseuse.. meanwhile I’m a bit of a nomad.

Since moving away from Central New York in 2012 I have had SO MANY stylish women enter and exit my life, leaving a lasting impression on my personal style… but it’s kinda nuts to think that 20+ hair stylists, manicurists, waxers have all helped me get glammed up in some capacity.. a few in every place that I have ever lived!

Back in October I moved closer to my job and along with that came another change in my *beauty squad* (LOL). And as fun as that change is, it can also be ~hella stressful~ because you are entrusting new people, essentially strangers, with your hair, face, nails, etc!

So when I was invited to attend Buffalo Beauty 2018 at Salon Envy, 16 Webster St. Tonawanda, the timing could not have been more perfect.. I needed exposure to some Western New York experts in all things make up, hair, tanning and more.

Select local bloggers were invited to experience South Seas organic spray tans and brow consultations with Audrey Kwarciany of Hair Free 4 Me WNY, mini make-overs with Faces by Shiloh as well as complimentary wash and hair styling by Theresa and Natalie of Salon Envy. After a long day at work some pampering, girl time and a glass of wine were just what I needed! We were simply women supporting women, gushing about beauty, blogging and Buffalo.

The best thing about a spray tan has to be the way that you look when it’s over; once the spray is activated and your skin glows as if you were just on vacation. The next best thing that I experienced after trying out the South Seas plant based tan with Audrey was the personalization and accuracy of the application. The WORST thing ever is going home after a spray tan and noticing splotches or lines from where a machine sprayed and somehow missed. I also know from desperate attempts to apply self tanners in high school that the streaky stinky lotions can leave a lot to be desired.. To my delight I didn’t experience any smudging or stench with this spray tan and I loved the facial coverage it provided without looking caked on. I did not use foundation or concealer the next day, because I didn’t need to. Check out these mid-glam photos of Briana from Blogging BJMagg before and after her spray tan. I texted her the following evening and she said she got so many compliments on her glow!

While my tan dried Theresa tackled my “over processed, Yes my roots are coming in, well overdue for a trim but lets not talk about that” locks. Like going to the doctor’s office and suddenly remembering that I don’t eat the daily recommended intake of fruits and veggies each day -oops-, when I go to the hair dresser I tend to feel overly conscious about my hair. It’s thick, straight and tangle prone.. this particular day I had smushed it in a sock bun to try and keep it under control. But after Natalie washed it and Theresa styled it in a 50’s vintage inspired hairdo I was thrilled! I just wish someone besides my iPhone camera and roommates’ dogs could have appreciated it that night. Next time I have an event I’m entrusting my hair to Theresa -and that says something.


When it comes to finding the right beauty professionals in your life, what do you look for? If you’re a beauty nomad like myself I recommend changing it up and visiting any of these local professionals. Rest assured you’ll be in well manicured and loving hands.

Stop making excuses and go to one of these FREE fitness classes

I’ve been trying to live a more “active lifestyle” Whether it’s going to yoga classes or trying and failing at cycling, I tell myself that at least I’m putting forth effort.

Back in January I joined dancer-cise classes with a bunch of older ladies at the local elementary gym. It was awesome! A combo of line dancing and aerobics twice a week held me accountable for a few months.

Since then I’ve moved closer to work and joined a gym around the corner so that in theory I can’t make excuses. I now have access to as many yoga, kickboxing, barre, cycling -NOPE- and pilates classes as I would like to attend… ~like~ being key.

I tried out cycling on Wednesday and died about half way through. I burned over 200 calories in 30 minutes and would gladly have kept them all to not endure that torture again.

But all in all the gym is a decent time filler and it slightly combats my obsession with carbs and cheese. Instead of waiting until the new year, working out twice a week is my October resolution.

I have actually changed dinner plans with friends into gym dates twice this week, so that’s success in itself. Having someone counting on me to attend and then bonding over the struggle that are push ups and squats is motivation in itself.

If you aren’t part of a gym, have a fear of the lengthy contract commitment (me too.) or just want some new options I’ve compiled a small list of FREE classes that condone an “active lifestyle”. Stop making excuses and go to one of these FREE fitness classes in Western New York!


1). Heal Bflo- Raising Your Vibrations: Yoga (FREE). This class is being held at Start with Sleep at 1211 Hertel Ave in Buffalo at Noon on Saturday, October 28th. Be sure to register here as space is limited. Follow Heal Bflo on Facebook for more FREE events in the future.

*I’ve never attended this class, but I went to a Heal Bflo event with Templeton Landing (FREE yoga and mimosas yaaaaas) and it did not disappoint!

2) Fitness in the Parks- sponsored by Independent Health (FREE). They will not have classes available until Spring 2018, but stay tuned. They offer tons of classes at 21 parks in Western New York including but not limited to Tai Chi, Pilates, Pound and BollyX.

*I’ve gone to Zumba classes at Artpark and the view and sense of community only add to the experience!

3) Forever Fabulous Fitness- Zumba, PiYo Live, Boot Camp and more (Your first class is FREE. After that it’s $7 a class or buy a package and get your classes for $5 or less. There is also an unlimited class package for $35/month with a 12 month commitment) Classes are offered on a variety of days and times, at the studio at 525 Wheatfield St in Tonawanda. Check out the schedule here.

*I went to my first Zumba class last Saturday and LOVED IT. I felt like Brittney Spears’ back up dancer as I moved and grooved to lots of 90’s-2000’s jams. Shout out to Marie for her amazing energy and encouragement!!

4) Orange Theory: Never been? Me neither. Take a FREE 1 hour workout here -if this is your first visit (A variety of packages are also available for purchase). My friends Lauren and Char swear by the classes and used them to make themselves Wedding season ready. They have a bunch of locations nation wide, but in Western New York I know there are fitness centers on Niagara Falls Blvd in Amherst and Transit Road in East Amherst.

*To be honest, I’m extremely intimidated by the intensity.. but with a free class I guess I only have calories to lose!


On that note, I’m going to TJ Maxx to buy some hella cute ath-leisure wear.