Merriam Webster doesn’t do preppy justice.

Merriam Webster defines preppy as: 1) A student at or a graduate of a preparatory school. 2) A person deemed to dress or behave like a preppy.

As if the name Merriam wasn’t already outdated enough -so much so that I question the information provided long ago- but after seeing “her” conclusion of preppy, I just don’t know what to believe.

I guess I’ll be using for future homework assignments.

Anyways it appears that the two versions of the word preppy above are very black and white and Merriam Webster didn’t get the memo that times have changed.

I am clarifying the negative connotation associated with such lame definitions.

I am explaining that preppy does not mean I attended a preparatory school.

I am making the iconic Blair Waldorf-esque women of the past proud, but still transforming the word to the 21st century.

The girls named Muffy and Harper that live in the Hamptons are not the only example of preppy any more.

Preppy is a way of life.

It’s symbolized by modest dress.  It’s shown through oxford button downs.  It was described as wearing riding boots long before the trend started.  Preppy is a thought process. Preppy is prioritizing academics and the traditional values of society.

Preppy cannot be summed up in one sentence, Merriam Webster should know better than to try.  At least I do.

2 thoughts on “Merriam Webster doesn’t do preppy justice.

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