Hi, I’m Allison.


Hi, I’m Allison! I founded my blog in 2012, during my senior year of high school. Since then I’ve graduated from the University at Buffalo, with my B.A in English and my A.A.S in Fashion Merchandising. After completing my degrees, I moved to Maryland for a few months… and moved back. I had the revelation that I am a Western New Yorker and I need to further embrace what that entails. I love to travel and explore, but as cliche as it sounds, there’s no place like home.

When I’m not blogging I work at M&T Bank in the legal foreclosure realm. Just a reminder my viewpoints are not a reflection of my employer’s.

In my spare time I enjoy bowling, happy hours with my girlfriends, fresh cut flowers, Christian music and zumba classes.

I hate horror movies, ginger, traffic and job applications.

If you’d like to get to know me better, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram at @preppylogic15.

7 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Allison.

  1. I love Blair Waldorf, too. And you know something? Preppy does not mean stuck-up. And there is nothing wrong in being a young, sophisticated over-achiever. More power to you!

  2. Kmart can be glamorous! who knows of all the awesome things you can rework from there and turn them into something fabulous. You can always make something out of nothing.

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