Pandemic Photoshoot

As life transitions back to normal I am still trying to keep a slow pace. It’s against my norm to check in with myself before overcommitting to plans and stuffing my calendar, but due to the ever present virus and the much needed downtime (that I tried to make the best of) I don’t want to go back to doing too much too quickly.

Meeting up with friends in parks and exploring local wonders is something I am clinging to, regardless of the phase. After a long weekend getaway in Alexandria Bay I came back to WNY with warmer weather and a welcomed photo shoot with Lindsey, a great friend and the genius behind Lindsey Fetterhoff Photography

I felt a little more like a curvy JCrew model in Italy and a lot less like a Lockport resident that’s been in quarantine for 3 months when we took these pictures. Lindsey and I have worked and traveled together before, but seeing her in action behind the camera was absolutely wonderful. She has a talent for making people comfortable, assisting with posing and cracking jokes behind the scenes. I love the shots where I am genuinely laughing and enjoying life, you don’t capture those moments in selfies.

My brother’s girlfriend Courtney gave me this awesome “Sunshine White Wine” hat for Christmas. I typically display it like a piece of artwork, hanging on the wall next to my bed, but it made a great photo prop as well.

With everything going on health-wise in the world Lindsey respected my distance, but didn’t compromise a great shot. She talked to me about session lengths with clients that same week ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours! Her ability to adapt and personalize the photography experience truly differentiates her services.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lindsey again for an OOTD shoot, Christmas card or a LinkedIn headshot. My photo reveal was very well received on social media, it really reaffirmed my decision to work with her. Can you think of a better compliment than someone saying “These pictures captured your wonderful personality and soul!!”? My iPhone 6 Valencia filter instagram photos never had the same impact. Think about scheduling your own session with Lindsey before her dates fill up!

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