Happy 4th of July from Rusterior and I

Happy fourth of July everyone! I hope you’re enjoying some dazzling fireworks and delicious cookout foods, while staying cool. A heat wave has hit the greater Niagara area, resulting in close to triple digit temperatures -not exactly what we’re known for! I was surprised to learn that it hasn’t ever hit 100 degrees in Buffalo according to many local news channels. I can recall it exceeding 100F at least once in Central New York, but it’s still a very foreign concept. I don’t know how people deal with such exceedingly hot weather, sometimes for days or weeks at a time, out west and down south. At least with the cold you can add another layer or plug in another heater… Remind me of this when I inevitably whine about snow in November :).

I don’t really know how to shop for a season that doesn’t involve layers. On a typical June/July day I am still almost guaranteed to be sporting a cardigan or denim jacket, even if it’s just to combat the arctic tundra (AC) at work. The super comfortable and patriotic top  I received courtesy of Rusterior * was perfect for a dress down day at work and afterwards I was happy to throw on some denim cutoffs and make it work for a cooler summer evening. The fabric is breathable and breezy, ideal for layering under a flannel or over a tank. Can’t you just picture sitting around a bonfire, spreading the buffa-love in this tee?

I’m heading to Gilbert Lake this weekend, about an hour from my hometown/original CNY stomping grounds, to go camping with friends. I’m looking forward to swimming, snacking and lounging, while disconnecting from the 9-5ish hustle of the work week. This seems like the perfect way to celebrate America and the first week of July!

*Thank you Rusterior for collaborating with me as a brand rep! They are offering CPN readers 10% off their order with code Rfriends10 on etsy -check them out! #sponsored

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