Shopping Local

I moved to Lockport, another distant suburb of Buffalo, last month. The move is my latest excuse for my blogging hiatus, but I’m back!! Life is still busy, but my studio apartment is slowly feeling more like home and I am ready to share my experiences as I explore my new surroundings. Tis the season for festivals and shopping small! Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of Amazon and other online retailers, but there is no better time to walk the snow-less streets of Western New York and support area businesses, than June.

I love farmers markets! Knowing where my food came from and maybe even the family of farmers that are benefiting from my purchase, is immediately gratifying. Right now strawberries are ripe for the picking and my mom will be making freezer jam before the month is over. There is also nothing like a juicy fresh tomato in the beginning of summer, slice it up and layer with some mozzarella, basil and D’Avolio 18 Year balsamic… and you have my dinner a minimum of 2 nights a week. Caprese is the best!!

Once I’ve stocked up on produce and beautiful flowers (I’ve turned into quite the plant mom over the last month, most of my children are still living!), I will undoubtedly see at least one garage sale sign. Garage sales are my kryptonite! I swear my thought process tends to go from “I don’t need anything” to  “Why yes, I am in the market for a motor scooter, drone, chaise, pirate ship, _______  it’s so cheap!”. When I frivolously spend on the right item though, it’s worth it. Just 2 weeks ago I bought a cedar trunk (see top in photo) from Tennessee, currently functioning as my coffee table and storage, for $10! As someone still suffering from sticker shock every time I consider purchasing a piece of furniture (Is a couch REALLY necessary?), I appreciate a bargain more than ever.

But when garage/estate/rummage sales aren’t sufficing, I window shop some local boutiques, gathering inspiration and splurging on worthwhile pieces. Here are some area establishments I think are worth the visit:

Buffalo Gal Organics -Your senses, skin and soul will thank you for walking in the door. The smell inside Kathy’s shop is incredible! Meander around her Main Street, Williamsville skincare sanctuary and test lotions, masks, cosmetics and fragrances. I recommend the Ginger Lemongrass body balm, it’s so fresh and bright!

Molly & Kate – Farmhouse fashion and home decor, galore! I haven’t visited the shop in Hamburg, but I live vicariously through their meticulously curated instagram feed, so I feel like I know their style fairly well. They recently launched their online store and fellow WNY blogger Belle of the Ball collaborated with them, offering code belle for free shipping for a limited time! From zip code pillows to gingham bow blouses, I love their adorable attention to details.

Her Sanctuary – Get in touch with your inner self. Drop by for a yoga class, meditation session or holistic shopping experience. There is something therapeutic about the strong female energy inside this retail and creative space! **BONUS** Purrfect Cat Cafe will be opening just a few doors down, as if you needed another reason to visit Hertel Ave.

Where are your favorite places to shop local?

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