Style Inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest

As my personal style has matured, the fashion icons that I turn to for inspiration have changed as well. When I started my blog in 2012 I read a lot of Teen Vogue and Seventeen for some indication of what was stylish, but these days I turn to Instagram, Pinterest and other blogs before magazines. Social websites can be very helpful when looking for ways to creatively use pieces of your wardrobe for a different look!

On Instagram:

@carly – Carly, originally The College Prepster, now Carly The Prepster… I met her at a Tony Walker meet and greet event in March 2014, but I knew about her since she started in 2008. Her following is HUGE to this day. Carly’s style is elegant and classic, frequently featuring collaborations with Tuckernuck, JCrew, KJP and Vineyard Vines. I love that the pieces she wears are timeless and easily transferable, despite differences in age and body type. She also seemed so down to earth and friendly when I met her. It’s fantastic to find out that someone you admire is an authentic and deserving role model too!

@belleoftheball45 – Abigail, Belle of the Ball… She’s from Rochester and frequently visits Buffalo so I actually met her while working at Coach a few years back, too! Another preppy blogger, but her focus is definitely on Instagram. She uses lots of layers and bold patterns, in stylish well executed photo ops. There are a surplus of monograms and pearls throughout her feed, with gingham and tartan sprinkled in. Abby is young, but her style seems mature and classic.

@racheltimmerman – Rachel, Something Delightful… Her Mother-Daughter photos are so CUTE. I love the way she shows her daughter Madeline in miniature versions of her outfits. Rachel also references her strong Christian faith into her posts both in the Faith section of her blog and on Insta. I appreciate this stylish lady’s realness.

@cmcoving – Caitlin, Southern Curls and Pearls… A sweet southern twenty-something, who travels and looks great doing it. I recently found out her mom takes her photos, who I also follow -haha- and I love that! She sports a lot of boutique-y looks; combining distressed jeans and flowy tops. Bonus: Her dog Winnie is frequently an adorable accessory in photos.

On Pinterest:

Unlike Instagram, I’m not dedicated to looks from certain users or certain boards on Pinterest.. but I think that’s the beauty of it! My “Pretty Pretty Things” and “PREP” boards are a modge podge of looks from everywhere. I’ll fall into the Women’s Style page, under the Explore Tab, and in no time I will find myself on the website for a small clothing retailer in Mississippi, Bloomingdales thanks to a ShopStyle blog link and then I’ll fall into the black hole that is whatever blog I ended up on itself. Oh Pinterest.. Well… you already know the love hate relationship we have from my Fall Favorites post.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

Feel free to comment:

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