Stop escaping and start living.

Before I was on that Monday through Friday work grind ~aka the 9 to 5 life~, I would travel somewhere nearly every 3 months. It wasn’t necessarily to exotic locations.. and it might mean taking the Megabus for 12 hours alone -shoutout to $1 tickets and impulse plans-, but leaving Western New York made me happier and more appreciative whenever I came back.

My last trip somewhere was nearly 10 months ago.. and just acknowledging that fact depresses me.

  • I can’t completely blame my job, because I have 2 consecutive full days off per week now, more than I could say when working retail. And I somehow traveled more then.
  • I won’t entirely blame my friends, because I used to escape by myself to clear my head; attend blog conferences and impose on/visit family members across the U.S on a semi-frequent basis.
  • I don’t blame this on finances, because I have a big girl job now. And although student loans suck and eat up nearly a quarter of my monthly income (UGH), I used to travel when I babysat for $5.00/hr sporadically at the age of 17. So no excuses.

It comes down to priorities -and anybody who tells you differently is lying. I started putting stability and consistency ahead of spontaneity. In millennial terms: I started “adulting”

I still have a chronic case of wanderlust though.. when Jet Blue and Frontier airlines send me e-mails with subject lines about flights being less than $50 or 99% off (NOT KIDDING, I’VE SEEN THIS) my heart races. I click the links inside the ads and expertly plan trips for less than the cost of a few dinners downtown. I live closer to the airport than ever before! I could leave at anytime! And I still don’t go.

I suddenly remember that my rent is due next Friday. And I have to give my job 2 weeks notice to request time off. Someone needs to water my plants -lol. Also, why do I want to go to Detroit anyway? Reality comes crashing down. Before this last 10 months I didn’t see why people were always saying to study abroad while you’re in college.. when else am I ever again going to have 3 months available to just get up and live somewhere else? When I’m retired. And that’s pretty damn far away. ***also studying abroad was the best thing I ever did, so do that***

For the record, this is not a supposed to be a sympathy inducing blog post. This is my revelation post! I am due for a trip somewhere and I will take it.. but I am also happier with my life today than I was 5 years ago. And I travelled way more then.

Constantly running to new places can be a means of escaping and lately I don’t feel as much of a need to. Sure, 70 degrees and sunny with a fancy drink on the beach looks fantastic on any winter day in Buffalo.. but the grass is always greener, sand is always sparklier etc, etc.

So a bit of advice that I am hypocritically trying to also take myself: make your hometown/backyard the travel destination you so desire.

Go to the hotel spa. Visit the tourist attractions. Shop at local stores for knick-knacks. Attend a play, concert or sporting event. Call the contractors specializing in deck construction working in Los Angeles CA and make it the place of your dreams on your own territory. Stop traveling to escape and start living day to day life like you would not want to leave.



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