Dressing for October

When it’s 78 degrees outside one day and 42 degrees the next, it can seem impossible to know how to dress. Welcome to October in Western New York!

To make matters a little more complex my office at work is highly air conditioned in the summer time and now that chilly mornings have made an appearance it is excessively heated all day long.

How does one dress for every season in one day? LAYERS.

sweater weather
I have a bagillion sweaters, but they’re all unique. Different materials, colors and patterns are released every day! My favorites are classic neutral tones, like the above. A scarf, one of my favorite ways to layer, is a perfect accessory.


Dresses > Pants
Some days you need to look put together, but can’t be bothered to wear pants. On those days dresses are a God send!! Pair any dress with pantyhose, fishnets, leggings, black or green or blue or purple or striped or polka dot tights and transform your look. The spandex-y layer is easily removable and cheap enough to replace when you (or I) inevitably get a run/hole.


And sometimes you just need to dress for comfort. If you are super lucky and work somewhere with a ~chill~ casual dress code like myself (where you can donate a few bucks to a good cause and wear pretty much anything but tube tops and distressed jeans), then buy yourself a crew neck hoodie and throw up your hair. I am a blogger who fully endorses expressing how you feel with how you look. If today is a “shoot I slept past my alarm and barely had time to shower, but here I am” day, so be it. If it was me, I would also put on some pink lipstick.
How are you dressing for October?

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