Toodaloo Mother Cluckers

I went to college for English and with that in mind I love a good “play on words”. I also love delicious food.

Now introducing… Niagara Falls hottest food truck…. Mother Cluckers.


I’m going to be honest, I am a carbs and cheese girl. At festivals I tend to dart for the Italian or French cuisine first, so Sham and Janel Ahad’s “Peri Peri” chicken truck -sporting African and Portugeuse inspired cuisine with a citrus twist-  forced me out of my element. But change is good and I still found cheese-y goodness on the menu all the same.

My sister and I went to the Blues Festival in Niagara Falls last weekend and indulged at Mother Cluckers. We were treated to a beautiful rice bowl drizzled with a cilantro cream sauce, sizzling garlic cilantro wings and fresh cut crispy fries, grilled spicy pineapple and my personal favorite dirty corn. There food is almost all gluten free and all extremely photogenic.

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I took 5 minutes of photos before feasting on the aforementioned treats and ERMAHGERD I can’t say enough about it. Needless to say I’ll be stopping by again while they’re in Niagara Falls, but soon they’ll be venturing to some events out in Buffalo and ultimately Miami, Florida during the winter months. They opened in June 2017 and nothing is slowing them down. As prior Niagara Falls brick and mortar restaurant owners, Sham and Janel seem totally prepared for success. I love that they offer unique eclectic meals that will cater to anyone’s tastebuds, even a spice-a-phobe like me.

Now, let’s talk about this Dirty Corn. I almost DIDN’T order it and thank goodness I got it. The grilled corn rolled in cream sauce with feta cheese, paprika (a popular spice in Mother Clucker’s dishes) and herbs was out of this world. Colorful, flavorful and doused with an alfredo-like gravy, I found an item on the menu that vaguely resembled my Italian food tendencies, yet was shockingly different all at the same time.

And because I love anything with a creamy “this is probably bad for me, but it’s so good” drizzle, the cilantro cream drizzle on the fries was the real MVP. It toned down the spices I probably couldn’t handle on the chicken alone, and with just a squeeze of lime the acidity balanced out everything like I never would have expected.

Jenna and I finished our meal off with some grilled spicey pineapple, the fruit was candied from cooking and it was just enough to work with the paprika. I never would have thought of this combination!!

Next time you find yourself on Old Falls Street keep an eye open for Mother Cluckers, featured on WGRZ’s Unique Eats and now a definite recommendation by Allison’s from Clearing Preppy’s Name. To find out where the truck will be next follow them on Facebook here or Instagram here.


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