Missing The Lewiston Peach Festival Would Certainly Be The Pits…

Last week I went to Orange Cat Coffee Co. in Lewiston and met a new friend. Kate is a Western New York transplant (like myself)  and she asked me about fun things to do in the area.. I had so many great ideas for fall, but I realized that I shouldn’t discount the end of summer. The start of school and chilly breezy nights means its time to go to The Lewiston Peach Festival, and that was one of my first recommendations to Kate.

To a foreigner who simply associates Georgia with peaches you may be caught off guard by Upstate New York having awesome peach tree orchards; when I first moved here I was pretty baffled by the idea, but they’re everywhere at the end of summer and they’re SO good. My family has picked bushels and made jellies and jams before, I highly recommend it.

This particular festival is so much more than peaches though, it’s an excuse for the community to gather together… and eat tons of peach themed food while judging pageant contestants, a dancing competition and various levels of peach recipe taste offs. And this year the festivities have been extended, Thursday September 7th (ride preview in the evening) through Sunday September 10th so you can be a part of it all.

Bonus tip– Leave your car at home. Parking is a bit of a disaster and the Discover Niagara Shuttle has 15 stops ranging from Youngstown to downtown Niagara Falls so track the trolley/mini-bus on your phone via the app and then hitch a ride to the festival. Just make sure you’re back on the last 6pm ride on Thursday or last midnight ride over the weekend or you’ll be grabbing an Uber/LYFT. Hey, at least that’s an option now!

There will be countless vendors, live music, fair rides, carnival games and peach shortcake all in one place at The Lewiston Peach Festival. You can also feel pretty good about the money that you spend over the course of the weekend, as it sponsors Lewiston Kiwanis.

I feel like the best way to end this blog post is by including the song Peaches by The President of The United States of America. It’s ‘Just Peachy’.


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