How to make your commute to work suck less

Whether you are taking a plane, train or automobile, commuting can suck. I have first hand experience with the frustrations and road rage inducing activity that takes place out there and my first instinct was to hate being a part of it too… But I have come up with a few tactics that have made my commute to work more enjoyable (suck less).

  1. Spend less than $10 and buy yourself an AUX cord, a USB cord, etc. Whatever is going to allow you to play the music in your car that brings you to your happy place, it’s worth the investment. If that means playing your go to radio station (hello it’s 2017, but okay) then so be it. Personally, I have found splurging on Pandora Plus and paying $5 so that I don’t have to waste moments of my life listening to the same 4 commercials has been significantly stress reducing.
  2. Keep lollipops in your glove compartment. No, we’re not bribing the police officer when you get pulled over, ie. “License and registration please.” “Sure. Uh, Blow Pop?”, but having a sweet imperishable treat on hand at all times can simply make you feel better. It’s simply a proven fact that being trapped in a traffic jam is slightly less tragic with a watermelon flavored lolly on hand.
  3. Clean out the water bottles, Starbucks cups and aforementioned lollipop wrappers. Driving around in a trash can will simply feel like exactly that. At least once a week pick up the trash, it’s kinda like cleaning your bedroom. I realized that if it weren’t for sleeping I actually spend more time in my car than my room anyway.
  4. Buy an air freshener. I have an appreciation for pumpkin spice or evergreen forests, like the basic white girl that I am, but when I am on my way to work, rather than vacation, I like to mentally transport with the smells of sea breeze and ocean sands. Now if only I could have a piña colada…

What do you do to make your commute to work suck a little less?

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