Spice up your weekend at The Buffalo Wingfest

Labor Day and my birthday are the official signs of the end of summer, in my mind. Rather than mourn the passing of another year I tend to celebrate by eating and drinking plenty, with some of my favorite people by my side. This year I wanted to spice things up; and what better note to end my summer on than going to The Buffalo Wingfest?

Photo courtesy of @anchorbarbuffalo on Instagram.


Now full disclosure, I have never gone to The Wingfest before, but I like any occasion dedicated to food so I plan on checking it out this Saturday or Sunday, 9/2-9/3/17 Labor Day Weekend.  From what I gather there is live country music, world class competitive eating and plenty of booze, so what’s not to like?

I know a lot of people with strong opinions on Blue Cheese dressing; it’s practically a Western New York food group. I would say it’s my favorite condiment -high praise I know-, but with that in mind I am 100% certain that I will not be bobbing in Blue Cheese for chicken wings anytime soon. If your hidden talent is retrieving up to 100 wings in 3 minutes out of a kiddie pool of Blue Cheese, now is your chance *shudders*.

Photo courtesy of @buffalowingfestival on Instagram.

And you don’t even have to feel guilty about the greasy fried chicken wings you will inevitably consume (if that kind of thing bothers you), because theres a Chicken Wing 5K Sunday at 11am where you can burn them all off. Personally, I’ll be taking the “go big or go home” approach and eating as many chicken wings as I want, and not running anywhere, but it’s my birth-week and there aren’t any repercussions. #caloriesdon’tcountonmybirthweek

28 food booths with 19 wing eateries will be serving countless styles of wings during the wing-straveganza. This is the perfect way to perform research on where in the world has the best wings, not just Anchor Bar vs. Duffs. Oh and you read the right, the world is getting in on this chicken wing competition; last year we had a vendor from Austrailia (they’re not just about kangaroos anymore) and this year we’re welcoming one from Mexico. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a guac-wing or a chicken wing taco, but who knows what these contenders will have up their sleeves?

Sorry if I sound like I’m going full blow Food Network host on you in this post. The tender meat, juicy flavorful skin and that perfect crunch from the fryer just has me drooling when thinking about chicken wings, it also helps me channel my inner Guy Fieri.

So… if you’d like to join me and 70,000+ of my closest friends this weekend at The Buffalo Wing Festival you can purchase your tickets at Coca Cola field the day of the event, anytime from noon to 9 on Saturday or noon to 7 on Sunday, during the festival. For a measly $5 (children 8 and under are free) you too can watch an Amateur Sauce Off, the Miss. Buffalo Wing Pageant and so much more. The money even goes to a good cause, benefiting the Alzheimers Association, Food Bank of WNY and Meals on Wheels.


Enter my giveaway below for the chance to win a pair of tickets to #WingFest17.

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*Shout out to The Buffalo Wingfest for sponsoring this giveaway.

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