How reading Chick Lit changed my summer

As a young adult I don’t think I am abnormal for admitting that over the past few years I have spent more time watching Netflix, than I have spent reading anything at all. This realization for an English graduate who once had a passion for autobiographies and mystery novels is depressing all the same. Once I recognized that the last book I read in its entirety, Something Blue by Emily Giffin, was over a year ago, I was inspired to take a trip to my local library.

I love the library because I am a young millennial and I am “I go to brunch on Sundays” poor. I am also a firm believer that more things in life should work like the library. It’s a fantastic honor system at its roots. Now if only someone would give me a card for free shoes and say Yes, I will return them in 3 weeks and pay a fine if I don’t.” I should patent that idea.

So back to the aisles of dusty books in the quaint town that I live in.. I searched the alphabetized aisles, taking judging a book by its cover to a whole new level. I eventually stumbled upon Jodi Picoult and I recalled high school age Allison who was emotionally invested in her bestseller My Sister’s Keeper. I also remember being appalled by the movie inspired by the book a few years after, with an entirely different ending.

I picked up Small Great Things by the aforementioned Ms. Picoult, because I felt like I needed some small greatness in my life. I was right.

The story was controversial, but relatable. With all of the shenanigans being broadcast in the news lately, it just seems way too possible. A white supremacist male sued a dedicated black female nurse because his baby died. Even though he told her not to touch that baby.

I don’t want to spoil the end, but some small great things happen. And yet again I found myself passionate about the fictional life of a character that was dreamt up in Jodi Picoult’s mind.

I’d be lying if I said this book got me back on the bandwagon; reading more than watching Netflix. Frankly, that’s not going to happen. But I did return to the library 3 weeks later with the overly ambitious need to check out 3 more books. And it’s been 2 weeks and I honestly have not even opened up 2 of them… but I am a few chapters into another fantasy world that was showcased on the Light Beach Reading shelf at the library. And although I am roughly 800 miles from the ocean, without the ability to take a vacation until at least mid October, I am living vicariously through some chick lit and the happy way that makes me feel has already changed my summer.

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