My Old Navy Obsession

Years ago my go to brand was J Crew. I owned half of the outlet store, with every color cardigan and v neck sweater I could get my hands on. Now, I’m not suddenly anti J Crew by any means, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve accumulated bills and miscellaneous expenses outside of pearls and pastel button downs and it has made me more frugal. This has directly contributed to my Old Navy obsession.

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After work today I had a “treat yo-self” moment. I got in the car, drove to Starbucks and splurged on an Iced Chai Tea Latte, and then went to Old Navy. One of the reasons I enjoy Old Navy is because I can do things like buy an overpriced beverage elsewhere and then go there and spend the same amount on a t-shirt -_-


I have a Banana Republic card and truthfully I redeem my rewards and use the “GAP Insider” benefits at Old Navy significantly more often than BR. 

I love the transitional nature of most of their pieces. I’m OBSESSED with t-shirt style dresses (think LulaRoe Carly, without the price tag). They’re perfect for wearing alone in the summer, with a scarf in the fall and bundled up with a chunky sweater in winter (or highly air conditioned office).

During my most recent Old Navy adventure I purchased a Classic Tee in black (it was less than $5.. something my iced chai was not), a hunter green polka dot vintage inspired dress, soft and comfy cream sweater and burgundy tunic tank.

Of course I used a coupon with my purchase! The code SAVE provided me an additional 10% off everything. I can’t shop at Old Navy without another discount.. it’s against my religion. In retrospect I should have checked my rewards balance from my Banana Republic Card, I had $10! But because I spent $50 today (#sorrynotsorry) I also got $20 in SuperCash. They totally take advantage of my need for a steal.. and you bet I’ll be stacking my reward with my $20 SuperCash and LUXE promo code (free shipping with a GAP Inc card).

Old Navy clothes just fit me better. The Rockstar jeans have legging-like spandex, but still leave enough to the imagination. The pixie pants have enough stretch to accommodate my curvaceous thighs. The dresses are long enough so I can still do daily activities without being ~too prim and proper~ I literally played tennis with my sister in an Old Navy dress today.

I like having a go-to place to shop for my body type. The older I get the less a trip to the mall is as enjoyable and more frustrating and painful (for both my wallet and my self esteem). With Old Navy it’s just different. And they just got their fall collections in stores.. So I’m sure this won’t be my last purchase for a while.

Which brands are you currently obsessed with?

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