Falling in love with autumn fashion

Sometimes summer in WNY seems like a shock to the system. We aren’t accustomed to 80 degree days, we are much more familiar with 8 inches of snow. I always enjoy the 3 months of sunshine, but I welcome the brisk fall air and pumpkin flavored everything.

Fall just feels so comfortable. I love to bundle up in an oversized sweater and scarf. Fall clothing is like receiving a giant hug from your favorite clothing store.. after you were constantly disappointed in how shorts and tank tops fit. Knit fabrics and forgiving stretchy leggings are just the reminder that we all needed that clothing can be cute and comfortable.



Fall is the beginning of something new. In years past it always meant a new school year and my birthday. Although the latter remains the same, this fall I started a new job as the Assistant Manager at Lindt Chocolate instead. It’s challenging and fun. It’s constantly working with people and learning new things..  I’m surrounded by chocolate -oh darn- and I love it. I help people purchase a treat, but not just a snack, rather high quality chocolates can be the little bit of happiness they need in their day. It’s the happiness I needed in my life.

One of the more difficult aspects of my job is the dress code. That may sound silly but it’s really testing my creativity when it comes to figuring out new ways to wear all black all of the time. Sometimes in fashion I find that I like an article of clothing because of the outlandish print, not necessarily the style. Bright polka dots or stripes suck me in constantly.. Now fit and cut are my biggest priority when it comes to work clothing. Is this adulting?


All black


Don’t worry, I get my fill of patterned sweaters on my days off.. but during the work week I am focused on wearing the perfect deep burgundy lip to match the accents of rose in my NEW glasses. These floral specs have made tolerating my black attire much easier.
From far away they appear neutral, but up close you can absolutely see the pattern. I feel like they’re pretty representative of my style, and look hella cute with pearls.
14647394_10210923917838634_1602580350_o dolce-gabbana-black-multi-rose-print-sunglasses-black-product-3-984172563-normal
Unfortunately my selfie camera on my phone has been broken since I went on vacation at the end of August so I don’t have many photos to document my frames. This impulsive snapchat selfie will have to do. Also can we appreciate me attempting to rock blue lipstick? It’s very out of my preppy norm but I don’t hate it whatsoever.
My advice for myself and anyone reading this is to try something new this fall. Rock a comfy sweater in an asymmetrical design. Wear leggings but instead of black try eggplant purple. Mother nature brings us this beautiful season each year and it’s easy to become content and monotonous.. Switch it up a little! Take your cliche white girl pumpkin instagram picture with a chartreuse colored scarf.

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