Swimwear struggles

In my last post I mentioned my excitement over warm weather. The biggest negative I can see about warmer temperatures quickly creeping up is that it means swimsuit season and impending swimwear struggles are coming.

I am not a small figured girl. I have curves and lumps. God blessed me with a little extra just about everywhere. Even at a size 6 -which seems like a lifetime ago- I was not happy about swimwear shopping though. It may in fact be the only shopping I do not particularly enjoy.

With my distaste for spandex and tight uncomfortable water resistant fabrics in mind, the following are 3 of my favorite swimwear looks that I’m hoping will cause me to struggle a little less about what to wear to the beach when I escape to Florida at the end of April.

target swimsuit, plus size swim, cute one piece, budget monokini, purple swimsuit, lavender swimwear,

Meet Lace:

I actually have no idea what this model’s name is, but she looks hella elegant,
like Lace, in this Target one-piece swimsuit. I’m in love with the color and feel like my eyes go to her face rather than thighs -my biggest problem area- because of the higher detailing. It’s also really reasonably priced at $34.99 and available in plus sizes. I find that I’m lucky if I can find a suit I don’t hate for less than $100 sometimes. The intricate laser cut detailing on the ruffle is also a trendy bonus. This swimsuit comes in black too, which happens to be my go-to color for swimwear because of ~the whole slimming factor~

high waisted bikini, plus size swimwear, yellow swimsuit, itsy bitsy

Meet Rita:

This girl keeps up with the latest trends, note how this is definitely triangl swimwear inspired, but she gives it her own bit of sass. I love the retro feel to the mustard print, as if Rita’s grandmother would own wallpaper in her home that is identical. I also appreciate the thick halter straps in the top, for additional support. It’s not “itsy bitsy”, but rather plus size and sexy. The individual pieces are sold separately so you could easily change out the Asos Curve top or bottom for yet again solid black. Costing $31.00 for the bottoms and $38.00 for the top with free shipping, still rings in below my $100 price point.

modcloth swimsuit, donut swimwear, high waisted swimsuit,
          Meet Nina
Wearing a swimsuit, some of us want to look sweet instead of sexy. I didn’t think I would find a set that would say it quite so literally, but honestly I am DONUTS about this suit. Modcloth sells some of my favorite retro-inspired pieces, this is no exception. It is available in separates, top retailing for $49.99 and bottoms for $39.99 as well as a $79.99 one piece, not completely shattering my budget. Also doesn’t hurt I have a $35 credit from some returns in the Fall 😉

What ever swimwear you decide to sport, do so confidently. I remember the first time I found a high waisted bikini from Aerie that I loved.. it was still spandex and although it held in my love handles pretty spectacularly, my body still existed. How I carried myself totally changed though and that makes the difference.

What will you wear to the beach this season?

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