New Changes, New Year.

It’s incredible to me that I am writing this post already 2 weeks into 2016. Since my last 2015 post, I have made some dramatic life changes.

I moved back home with my parents in Western New York after deciding that DC and the surrounding area of Maryland where I was living, just weren’t the right fit. Unfortunately, my job at WeddingWire was a casualty of the move home.

I’m on to my next adventure.

Now that I have returned to the 716, I am doing a little bit of everything. During the day, I work part time at David’sTea, as a key holder. I sell fruity, floral and fun teas, I really like it. A few evenings a week, I attend local board meetings for The Sentinel, my local newspaper, and write about them. I’ve never been so informed on small town politics!

The hunt continues for a full time writing gig. As long as I am happy and continuing to utilize my strengths, that’s okay with me. My family has focused their new year resolution around eating less carbs and a more healthy diet. Although, I am also impacted by their lifestyle change, for me in 2016, I am focusing much more on my happiness.


Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

The income of a job is just one portion of the equation. Despite loan payments and cute shoes that I long to buy, I have to remember my happiness when applying/interviewing/finding the right career for me. I started keeping a journal about the various things I am thankful for each day, ranging from having delicious stir fry that my mom made for dinner to exploring downtown Buffalo with one of my best friends. I urge you to consider this optimistic form of journaling too, it’s given me a better outlook on things.

I’m very unsure as to what 2016 will hold for me. Unlike 2013,14 and 15 where I was fairly certain I had somewhat concrete academic plans, 2016 feels much more adult. It’s that much more important for that reason that I maintain happiness like I had as a child.

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