Another day, another city.

At one time, I would describe Clearing Preppy’s Name as a fashion blog, and although I still post about my favorite a-line dresses and the pearls to match from time to time, I believe as of late it has become more travel oriented. This reflects where I currently am in my life as well; more focused on where I’m going next and possibly less focused on what I’m wearing to get there. Ex: currently wearing black leggings and a navy cap sleeve tee with a scarf. (Please don’t hold the bruise-like color palette against me.)

I am writing this post from O’hare airport in Chicago, Illinois. I just wrapped up my final vacation of the summer and it was wonderful. I am flying to Cleveland, Ohio, then driving to Buffalo, New York, and crawling into my bed as soon as I am home, overridden with exhaustion.

chicago, trump tower, young traveler, chicago attractions

A photo I took in Chicago this past week.

No rest for the wicked though! As I mentioned in my previous post, I was becoming concerned about complacency in my life, therefore I decided to spice it up. Next week, two days after my 21st birthday (YAY!), I will be making the move to Germantown, Maryland to continue my job hunt and see what life in/near Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. have to offer.

It will be about a 7 hour solo road trip. From my drive to Cleveland, I have learned that the Dixie Chicks help pass the time most effectively. I will most definitely include some Shania Twain and Martina McBride as well.

Speaking of strong female singers… Guess who should earn the award for big sister of the year, chaperoning her little sister to the One Direction concert on Wednesday? That’s right, me. Since I’m disappearing for at least a few months, I suppose I was more easily guilted into the task. I will have ear plugs in tow. At least she won the tickets on the radio, so it’s free.

Lots of big things are to come in September. I love autumn because it is an entire season focused on change. How appropriate!

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