Treat yourself.

Since graduation, life has started to stand still. I waitress 3-4 days a week, attend the occasional town board meeting for the newspaper and alternate watching Grey’s Anatomy with hanging out with friends in the evening or babysitting. Of course, sprinkled in there are heaps of online job applications, being sent everywhere from here to Alaska -no exaggeration.

My goals since I graduated from UB in May have changed. And they changed since I returned to America in December to when I completed school in May. I wouldn’t say I’m compromising on any of them, but they may be becoming more realistic as time passes.

Loans that equal a small mortgage are being paid every month on an hourly wage and tips, despite all of the effort I made throughout my Bachelor’s Degree. They’ll double shortly, but all I can do is try.

When I reflect on the transitional phase that I’m in, also known as my early 20’s, it is easy to become bogged down. I refuse to sulk in the destiny that I have thrust upon myself. It was my decision to transfer from school to school, switch majors, and graduate early. That statement should not be read on the defensive, but rather as the truth. And I’m proud of it.

Although I may not have a 6 figure salary and the car (THAT’S RIGHT I GOT A CAR!) that I drive is a Honda Civic, not a Lexus, there are some great aspects of my life. I treat myself when I can, and work hard for all of those treats.

In an hour, I leave for a girl’s vacation to Raleigh, NC with my best friend Katie. There are so many positives in that statement, I can hardly contain my excitement! We are renting a condo in this nice boutique-y part of the city. As ladies on a budget, we’re going to try to utilize the farmers market for lunches and local pool to survive the heat. My friend Sam whom I met from my time abroad, lives in Raleigh, so what better way to see a new place than from someone who lives there?


It’s trips like these and small vanilla ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles that make life worth living. Yes, I can become disappointed that I have not found my life’s calling at the age of 20, but who has?

Back in December, I hoped/wished I would have full time employment by now, maybe even before now. But as long as I continue to be the best damn waitress and freelance reporter I can be, I don’t think I will look back with regret. Treats are meant to tide you over until a full meal, my trips tide my over until a full time job.

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