That’s All Folks (read in Looney Tunes voice)


As of 7:45 p.m. yesterday, I am officially done with classes and exams potentially forever (I don’t know the answer to the looming grad school question, so please don’t ask it).

This isn’t how I thought it would feel. Although the initial 5 minutes were exhilarating… I’m already bored, trying to come up with some adulty plan since I’m like, a “real adult” now.

Sunday is the final college hoorah, complete with graduation cap and gown.

Does this mean I can’t wear Victoria’s Secret yoga pants anymore? Should I stop drinking things out of red solo cups?

I didn’t feel this odd when I graduated high school. I remember feeling constant relief, finally leaving behind the academic high school prison I felt smothered in. This little bit of immediate nostalgia over college is unexpected, after all of my transferring schools especially, but I guess it means I have a heart under all of that career driven ambition.

To commemorate my time at UB, I bought a school spirited tank top on the last day. I rolled my eyes at the line of stressed out undergrads at the on-campus Starbucks. I parked in the bookstore parking when I went to hand in my final papers, like the rebel that I am.

 I won’t miss stalking people for a parking spot. I won’t miss running late to class because of the obnoxious campus layout. I won’t miss my Astronomy professor’s monotone voice.

But I probably will miss having 2 weekdays off, the ability to take 3 o’clock naps and skip class. From what I’ve heard the work world is much less forgiving.

College gave me the opportunity to travel and meet some great people. I learned more about myself as a person and how I can handle adversity, which I believe will be directly pertinent to life after college.

When I tell people that I majored in English, there’s a mixed bag of responses. I don’t feel like my major matters all that much though. Sure, I know more about Chaucer and Milton than I did 4 years ago, but it was more so about giving myself time to mature as a person, improving my professional written and verbal skills along the way as well. I already had the business foundation from my Associate’s Degree, my Bachelor’s was just the icing on the cake.

I truly think I’m ready to collect that overpriced piece of paper on Sunday. If you know anybody hiring in the fields of Public Relations/Social Media Marketing/Editorials/Fashion Buying, please send them my way. That’s all folks.

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