Sip your champagne in style wearing these New Year’s Eve outfits

You can practically hear the champagne glasses clinking -it’s almost New Year’s Eve again! Although the couch and Netflix sound inviting, it’s a crime to start a new year, blank slate, etc. in fuzzy slippers. I have a few ideas of what to wear when you’re out on the town, searching for Mr. Right when the clock strikes 12.

New Years Outfit 1
Preppy with a twist, this dress from GAP easily goes from day to night. I first spotted it in Paris (no, seriously. My life isn’t typically that cool.. but I did wander into a GAP in Paris) and now that I’ve spotted it in the States it’s actually “affordable”! This can be worn during any season with layers and it’s classic. As you’ll see from the rest of my New Year’s Eve outfit options, I love a LBD.
New Years Outfit 2

I love the idea of making a dress more casual with sneakers. I have a pair of my own silver glitter converse that I wear in the summer with floral dresses -when I can deal with the blisters. Like most things Kate Spade, I am a sucker for their sneaker collaboration with Keds. Make sure to check them out, for New Years Eve or not.

New Years Accessories

If you already own the perfect NYE dress, transform it with accessories. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot more bracelets! My favorites are Alex and Ani and the bangle my Nana gave me for Christmas (another Kate Spade piece). I struggle with wearing cheaper earrings because of my allergy to nickel, but bracelets are easy to find made up of plastic beads and elastic. They don’t have to look cheap, even when they are.

New Years 4

I love A-line dresses, but for the feel of a loose flowing pajama top like you are staying on the couch this New Years, without looking like it, try a tunic! Again, the key is accessorizing. I picture a top knot or sock bun tying this look together.

New Years 5

A midi skirt contains such an overwhelming amount of fabric that the key is not allowing the rest of the outfit to make you look Amish. By pairing this modest bottom with a risquè top, there is a balance. Take the scarf from my next outfit to cover your arms. Add some pearls and think of it as a hipster Audrey Hepburn, ready to take 2015 by storm.

New Years 3

Quiet patterns on metallics always say “Party!” with just the right amount of pop. I hope my New Year’s Eve outfit suggestions help you sip your champagne in style this New Year’s Eve.

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