Dublin or Bust


This past weekend I made the trek to the land of Leprechauns and PS: I Love You, Ireland!! On the mini mental list of cities I considered visiting while in Europe, before actually coming, I never really thought about Dublin. When presented with the opportunity to go on this weekend excursion for Halloween though, I couldn’t refuse. The 270 mile journey via coach and ferry was actually more taxing than the 3,000 mile flight to England, but I enjoyed this weekend experience none-the-less.

In Dublin I visited Trinity College, where The Book of Kells is. I saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the amazing architecture of the city and the Guinness Storehouse. The weather was brisk and although my friends and I were exhausted from our 12 hour journey on Friday night, we still managed to celebrate Halloween on a bar crawl. They call costumes “fancy dress” here.  My “fancy dress” was pretty basic, a black cat.

This coming weekend, my best friend Sandy is coming to visit me and see London!



The following 2 weekends are free and then I am headed for Paris.It is incredible to think I have 40 days left to absorb everything Europe has to offer, and although it is a lame excuse, I would like to blame my “experiencing everything” on why I haven’t posted lately.  It is impossible to sum up seeing so many different people and cultures in one short blog post, but I highly recommend it.

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