A post to make up for missing days 5/6/7/8/9

The most incredible thing about studying abroad so far is the people. I have been friends with a select group of people from last week’s London orientation for roughly 1 week and 3 days, yet the relationships we have developed are amazing! When you pick up your life and decide to drastically change it for the better, in foreign territory (literally), you can find great things. Due to the chaos and unprofessional nature of Uni of Leicester thus far, these great people are definitely what is keeping me afloat. Not to discourage anyone considering coming here for school, just prepare yourself. I’m used to routine and comfort, rather than frenzy and lack of organization. Unlike at home, where I would register for fall semester back in April, I have yet to determine my class times in the UK. Oh and class starts Monday? Or so I thought until someone mentioned October 6th as well. We
We all walk roughly a mile to the closest grocery store, a concept¬†entirely uncommon in America -or at least where I live. These European methods aren’t bad, just obviously not what I’m accustomed to. It’s these little things that are making life a bit stressful, yet with such wonderful people to keep you sane, it’s impossible to not enjoy each experience.
Since arriving at Leicester on Sunday we have competed in a scavenger hunt, ate free lunch at the Chapleincy each day, enjoyed fruity drinks and cider at pubs at night as well as explored our city for the next 3 months.
I love the local market, the produce is so cheap! It’s the first thing in England I can say that about. There is also a fantastic brand known as Primark that reminds me of Forever 21 and H&M’s love child. It’s fairly inexpensive.
I’ve decorated my room slowly but surely with fresh flowers and tied my scarves into bows to hang on my bullitan board. It’s starting to feel more homey here. The food isn’t as bad as everyone claimed it would be, there’s always cake a dinner :).
I’ll write again shortly, hopefully with more detail and images, but here is a small summary now that I am safely in Leicester enjoying every experience I am approached with. Due to the unexpected free time before classes I may travel more than anticipated -what a problem!

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