Day 4

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned down in 1666 along with more than half the city of London, so today I was only able to gawk over a replica. The reincarnation of the building was pretty impressive though, the roof was made of straw and the walls were made of goats hair among other non-2014 materials to give it that uber old school feel. Tomorrow we head to Stratford upon Avon, to see more Shakespeare-esque stuff.

I saw a few museums and ate a few overpriced sandwiches today. I really like this odd combination of coronation chicken and mango salsa that they had at a food convenience store, Pret a Manger. That chain is everywhere.

In the afternoon my friends and I shopped at Top Shop and H&M. Their H&M was definitely marked up compared to The States. My feet by this point were killing me though so the shopping extravaganza was short lived and we headed back to the hotel.

This evening I skyped my mom and repacked. We’re switching hotels and I’m very hopeful my bed will not be a cot the next few nights. Stay tuned.

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