Day 2

Day 2 has already easily blown day 1 away. I know human interaction helps, but it’s incredible just how much. There are a lot of Americans in my orientation study group, a few New Yorkers. It’s amazing how small the world is, I even knew one of them from high school church camp. There are some Japanese exchange students, Australian ones and New Zealand. Their flights were way longer than mine, I don’t envy that.


I went to the tower of London today and took a mini boat cruise past the London Eye (ferris wheel). We’re supposed to ride that tomorrow.

The time change is still irritating, but I had Starbucks to assist me in surviving. My clichè venti caramel iced coffee with milk and light ice did taste different. Not sure why, heard it’s cuz they use fake ‘doesn’t expire for 6 months’ milk over here.

I had a DELICIOUS blue cheese burger though from Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I think it’s a chain, but I’m not sure. Their relish was red with chunks of pickle? It was sweeter. Also, medium does not mean as thoroughly cooked as it does in The States. It was pretty rare. I was happy though, the fries were pretty good too. Last night I ordered fish and chips from a Chinese restaurant (I know, how pathetic) and my fries were so soggy.

I wish I had pictures to show, but I swear I got to see the crown jewels today! In case this wasn’t already clear, I think I’m destined for Queendom. Those crowns and scepters are SO impressive.

Guarding the jewels were some little British soldier men! I’m sure it’s not original, but here is a photo with one:


I feel 200% better than I did yesterday. Thanks for the prayers and chocolate I’m sure many of you had on my behalf ;).

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