Day 1.

So, I really wish I had some better things to say about my first day in London.. Before revealing all of my complaints and the fear in my heart, DISCLAIMER: I’ve slept 2 hours.

Last night I left YYZ Toronto airport at 2:30 a.m., despite what was supposed to be my 11 p.m. departure time. I sat next to an adorable old couple, England transplants, now living in Missausaga. They were great “seatmates”, but everything else about the flight was pretty awful. As previously mentioned, I did not sleep much, I was dying in my sweatpants one minute and they freezing the next. I have been looking forward to bed since I “woke up” at 5 a.m. -errr actually with this time change I don’t know what time it was.

Because my Verizon iPhone does not have a sim card slot, I am supposed to be swinging it old school with a Motorolla slidey phone (not the technical name, sorry). The issue was, I could not buy a sim card until I arrived, therefore I was phoneless for the day. Not a big deal when you know where you are.. have a map or something along those lines, but as a result of my ignorance and lonesomeness, I managed to get lost in the city and have a mental breakdown (okay, 3).

There were some really nice guys who helped me carry all my bags to my hotel after hour 2 of unsuccessfully hailing a cab. I’m sure the tears helped, but whatever works.

Also, in case fellow travelers were unaware, many “tube” (metro) stations only have stairs. So my obnoxiously huge wheely luggage definitely added to my stress level.

That and my exploding swollen feet from breaking in new riding boots.

Did I mention I also looked homeless throughout this process? In sweatpants and a tank, it was not the first day I anticipated.

Good news though… I conquered the “tube” alone, haven’t gotten kidnapped or mugged and I took a bubble bath at 7 p.m. this evening.

Send prayers and chocolate my way, it’s been a rough first day.

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