I’m moving to Leicester, England.

At age 7, many girls dream of being a princess or firefighter when they grow up.  I dabbled in dreaming of both professions, but my goals were more about location.  I wanted to live in London.  The inspiration was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s Winning London circa 2001 and although my style icons are no longer the same, my objective is.

In September, my dreams are becoming a reality.  I committed to attending University of Leicester in Leicester, UK on Wednesday and the 7 year old inside of me is thrilled.  Sure, I suffer from severe heart palpitations whenever I try to imagine 3 months worth of clothing in one suitcase… but lets focus on the positives.


After years worth of seeking out fashion in Buffalo, NY, I am relocating to an area within an hour of a booming fashion metropolis.  3,500 miles away, people with adorable accents sporting the latest trends are walking the streets.  I love Western New York, but becoming comfortable somewhere is a dangerous thing.  After writing an essay for my English class on travel, I knew that I was in desperate need of change.

My constant change of scenery, from Herkimer County Community College to University at Buffalo, has prepared me for a larger scale relocation.  I look forward to cataloging my journey more consistently abroad, hopefully containing photos with a cute British lad in the posts.


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