Last Saturday, I Met The College Prepster.

Some people look up to celebrities, singers, actors/actresses, or athletes as inspiration for their goals.  From time to time I am suckered into the glamour of those lifestyles, but I find it more impressive to see an intellectual, trail blazing.  They don’t have to be the next Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates, although their work is impressive, I have a genuine appreciation for risk takers in general.  My career heroine is incredible because she makes her job appear almost attainable, as if she didn’t dive head first into an uncharted industry and make her own career path -perhaps she is just humble.  Meeting The College Prepster, Carly Heitlinger at Tony Walker and Co this past Saturday was amazing.  She conducted herself so eloquently and was certainly down to earth. I never could have dreamed that I would get to talk for a half hour to my blog inspiration!  With lots of academic, social, and job related distractions lately, Catly was the reminder I needed to start posting again.  Talking with her was like catching up with an old friend -if she wore JCrew and Vineyard Vines better than anybody you know.  We covered a wide range of topics, from what it’s like to live in New York City on The Upper East Side to being cat or dog ladies.  She was shockingly relatable, while talking about her boyfriend, puppy, and possible reality TV show (?!).

I can only dream of being the next College Prepster, in cat-eyes of course.

Carly looked effortlessly chic in her medium wash skinnies, black leather pumps, a crisp white button down, and preppy navy blazer.  At Coach, we have to wear nearly the same attire as our uniform, except that’s where the similarities between Carly and my career paths end.  I love my jobs at The Limited and Coach, but retail cannot possibly compare to being a full time fashion blogger.

Blogging as a career is a dream of mine.

Back in November when I attended the Spark Sessions conference I met some of my first career bloggers.  I admire their ambition and risk taking more than anything.  I was recently informed by my academic advisor that I can graduate in Fall 2014 and this realization is scary!  It is refreshing to see people living my dream.


*photo credited to Tony Walker & Co

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