New Year’s Resolutions that might actually happen

Why do we wait until the start of a new year to solve our problems?  This talk of New Year Resolutions is getting old..  Losing 30 pounds, quitting smoking, and paying off your debt is all well and good, but why didn’t you do all of that and solve world peace back in 2013?  Having unattainable goals, ends up being more of a headache than it is worth.  Let me share some completely random yet more realistic plans that I have for 2014, I would love to hear yours as well!

new years resolutions, new years resolutions that might actually happen

1) Not eat only carbs and cheese for every lunch and dinner.

This is a no judgement zone!!  I am a pasta LOVER and since I have moved into my own apartment, my carb obsession has become that much worse.  My best friend is the microwave because anything that takes longer than 5 minutes to cook is clearly too much work.  In other words, Velveeta shells everyday cannot possibly be healthy… and quite frankly my tastebuds are bored.

pink bug, new years resolutions, new years resolutions that might actually happen

2) Buy a cheap car to get from point A to point B, by March.

My beautifully decorated apartment looks a bit more like an overpriced padded cell the longer I stay in it without dependable transportation.  When I turned 16, I had delusional expectations of getting a Volkswagon Beetle from my parents, to drive my friends and I out to lunch in.  Then reality hit and I kept shopping instead of saving.  While the punch bug is still the dream, I know that a cheap clunker is more likely to make an appearance within the next few months, especially since I am the one paying for it.  This requires buying less handbags (I’m working at Coach again, easier said than done) and Starbucks… Curse you, Ventè White Chocolate Mocha with a Shot of Raspberry!

student loans, new years resolutions, new years resolutions that might actually happen

3) Join at least one more club at UB

I write for the Spectrum and am taking on the position as Social Media Manager for UB’s Creative Writing Magazine, Name, but I need something else.  Perhaps a club that is not writing related?  I signed up for 4 English courses again this semester, so be sure to follow me on Twitter to hear me constantly complain about my workload again.  I do greatly enjoy writing 140 characters instead of 10-15 page papers…

4) Learn to do more things with make-up

Besides wearing a liquid foundation, topped with a powder (both from Clinique) and 3 layers of Mascara (Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, Clinique High Impact Curling, and Almay IColor Volume in Plum) my make-up routine is pretty flexible.  I recently discovered the art of contouring and I want to master that as applying fake eye lashes (on a day besides Halloween) and many other cosmetic tricks in 2014.

kate middleton, new years resolutions

5) Get a Hair Blowout

I’m so envious of Kate Middleton’s hair.. the effortless look with subtle curls at the end can only be mastered with a blowout.  I know that investing in a blowout may seem frivolous, but whatever job/internship interview, fashion show, fundraiser, etc after I have a car, I am going to drive and get a blowout.

So my ambitions may not change your world, I know they’re fairly small… but maybe I’ll actually stop eating Mac and Cheese every night and be driving a 1999 dodge neon this time next year. It’s the little things.


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