The Best Sales of Black Friday 2013

In T-minus 57 minutes until the best sales of black friday 2013 begin! In stores anyway.. but unlike many years ago when you had to wait in lines during the early hours of the day after Thanksgiving, you can now do it all from the comfort of your house later on with the power of the wonderful internet.  Many retailers are offering their promotions online for multiple days -before and after Black Friday.  Do retail slaves, I mean workers, a favor and order online this holiday weekend.  For those of you that don’t take my advice.. I’ll be catering to your handbag needs at Coach from 1-11 tomorrow.

When you aren’t visiting me at Coach, check out some of sales that I’ve deemed the best of black friday 2013:

1) Modcloth.  The whole site is 50%.  No discount codes necessary.  They understand that you are too busy adding amazing vintage inspired items to your cart to take the time to type one in.

modcloth jumper, jumper from modcloth, polka dot jumper, polka dot dress, polka dot modcloth dress, polka dot modcloth jumper, polkadot overalls, the best sales of black fridaymodcloth skirt, blue modcloth skirt, bow modcloth skirt, midi modcloth skirt, high waisted modcloth skirt, the best sales of black friday 2013modcloth dress, red modcloth dress, christmas modcloth dress, bow modcloth dress, the best sales of black friday 2013

2) JCrew Factory.  The whole site is 50%, the same rules apply.  Why say anything more?

jcrew oxford shell, blue jcrew button down, preppy oxford shell, the best sales of black friday 2013jcrew peplum, jcrew black peplum, jcrew black peter pan collar, peter pan collar black, jcrew black peplum peter pan collar, the best sales of black friday 2013


3) Tommy Hilfiger. Use code: THTHANKS40 for 40% off online, in stores items are already 40-60% off and if you spend $200 or more (which if you are smart, you won’t do.. but it’s so easy!) there is an additional 25% off coupon available to use.  If you don’t plan on spending a minimum of $150, just order online.

tommy hilfiger plaid skirt, high waisted tommy hilfiger skirt, plaid mini skirt, christmas tommy hilfiger skirt, the best sales of black friday 2013ponte skirt tommy hilfiger, grey skirt tommy hilfiger, preppy grey skirt, the best sales of black friday 2013


4) Kate Spade. Up to 75% off!!! She is offering some great accessories to go with your incredible clothing purchases.

kate spade cha cha tote, kate spade black tote, kate spade sequin tote, kate spade signature tote, the best sales of black friday 2013kate spade audrina flats, kate spade glitter shoes, kate spade glitter flats, kate spade pink bow flats, the best sales of black friday 2013kate spade anika heel, kate spade black bow heel, black bow heel, kate spade kitten heel, the best sales of black friday 2013


What are the best sales that you have found online/in stores this Black Friday?  Make sure to let me know if you used any of the above coupon codes!

Feel free to comment:

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