Let’s talk about shopping instead of snowing.

Candy Weejuns, Tieks, and Capes: oh my!  It’s Halloween time and the only thing scarier than the fact that it’s snowing out is the prices of these items!

In the Buffalo area, snow is beginning to fall.  This is a horribly depressing reminder that I do not live in Florida or Georgia…  I need to focus on something else to make me feel better: how about shopping?

That’s scary too.

I’m currently drooling over Bass & Co‘s Candy Weejuns.  Unfamiliar?  Brace yourself.  These sweet treats are all I want for Halloween!

pink weejunsblue


I’m not sure how these loafers will hold up in the salt and snow… but I like the idea of looking down at my feet and seeing a patent leather party amidst the slush and grime. (retails $128)

The famous Tieks ballet flats, with their raving reviews, are another fabulous option if you are looking for a wide range of colors and alternative to boots for the winter.  They are known to be ridiculously comfortable and practical.  I wonder if I would still argue that when I’m trudging through a few feet of snow… #wnyproblems

Tieks have been featured on Oprah, recommended by @QueenSCB (otherwise known as the queen of twitter), and my Pinterest feed.


Last year around Christmas time, Tieks shared a coupon code on Facebook.  For Santa’s sake, I hope they do again! (retails $175-295)

And lets just say you had a spare $1,500 (after tax) lying around: wouldn’t these shoes look great with an iconic Burberry trench?  If you are a bit more thrifty and have a measly $800 to spare, try the outlet…

For the rest of us that just suffered a great deal of sticker shock, I recommend checking out H&M.  They have some cute shoes and trenches this season, but I’m not in the market for either.  I want a cape! Think Blair Waldorf in the early seasons of GG.

BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York ? March 1, 2010

Blair’s Beautiful Cape

hm cape

H&M Cape

I could only dream of Blair’s iconic kelly green cape.  On a college kid budget, the fact that the H&M cape costs less than the above pairs of shoes is very important.  Ringing in at $59.95 BEFORE my 20% off RetailMeNot coupon code (0560), it’s an incredible steal.  Sadly.. my size is sold out.  I will be calling the local H&M locations and hunting this baby down though! Stay tuned!


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