Can you wear white after labor day?

Happy Labor Day!!!  I spent the long weekend at my house with my family.  We went to the local Labor Day fair and had tons of fun.  Since I moved all of my clothing and essentials into my new apartment last weekend, I had to pack a suitcase to come home (gasp).

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My new apartment

alt="can you wear white on labor day", alt="my apartment"

My messy desk.. (don’t tell my mom)

Anyway, I am an absolutely awful packer and completely forgot that this was my last occasion to wear white!  As a result, now I’m stuck on the ancient question:  Can you wear white after labor day?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a perfectly good pair of brand new white shorts in my closet, and I am going to wear them tomorrow.  There are some rules though:

1)  If there is a day where you wear jeans (all day, due to cool weather) over the next few weeks: white short season has ended.

2)  If you pair the white shorts with a tube top, halter, or bikini you need to reevaluate what season it is.  No bueno.

3)  If your tan is fading, ghost-like is not a good look.  Put the white shorts away.

4)  As long as your outfit is not all white (white dress, white romper, etc.) then you can get away with wearing white for the next 2 weeks.  If you live south of the Mason Dixon line this time frame can be pushed.

MORAL OF THE STORY: You can wear white after Labor Day IF you do it right.

alt="can you wear white on labor day"

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