The Buffalo Bridal Association Wedding Fair

College classes have officially started!  It’s crazy how different life becomes once school begins.  This past weekend I had my first local fashion event, The Buffalo Bridal Association Wedding Fair.  It was a great experience, but my weekend FLEW by so I’m already counting down the days until the weekend.  I can clearly remember counting down until I moved into my apartment only last week… How things change so quickly!  My apartment is nice.  It’s small, but I get along with my roommates and it gets the job done.  I miss my house, my cat, my family, and my bed more than anything.  I know it is only 45 minutes away, but without having transportation that seems a lot further.  I hate not having a car.  It makes me feel trapped and not in control.  There is a shuttle system that gets me to University at Buffalo, easily, but I have a list of a bunch of Fashion Events outside campus that I would like to attend as well.  That involves taking a shuttle, cab, train, plane, and parachute… (slight exaggeration).

alt="the buffalo bridal association wedding fair", alt="parachute"


My wonderful cousin has a cute little blue car, which makes it slightly more possible to attend some events, such as the Buffalo Bridal Association’s Wedding Fair last Sunday.  Mellysa is interested in entering the Wedding Event Planning Industry, meanwhile I just want to be involved in anything fashion related.  We volunteered from 11-4, and got SECOND ROW seats to the fashion show.  I’ve never seen so many brides-to-be in one place.  There was everything from photo booths to floral arrangements to limo busses to cake tasting.  On TV they never show how much work is involved.  For the first time in my life I wished that I was getting married, so that I too could stress over silly things like the color of my garter or seating arrangements… But that time passed once I realized there’s life past the wedding ceremony and beautiful dresses.

alt="the buffalo bridal association wedding fair"

Here are a few shots of wedding gowns and tuxedos from Bridal Chateau, Bridals by D, and Tuxedo Junction.

alt="the buffalo bridal association wedding fair"

The following dress is one of my personal favorites.  It has an old hollywood vibe that I didn’t expect from a mermaid cut gown:

alt="the buffalo bridal association wedding fair"


Have you ever attended a Wedding Fair?  The Buffalo Bridal Association will be hosting their enormous Bridal Expo at the Seneca Niagara Casino on January 26th, 2014, so if you are a 2014 bride don’t miss it!  Mellysa and I plan on volunteering then too.  You can find more information here.

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