The Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale

Today, August 19, 2013, was an unofficial prep holiday.  It was the start of the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale!  Unlike many sites, Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t have a sale section year round. It’s a different type of marketing strategy that possibly makes the bright colored party clothes and accessories even more desirable.  I love to drool over Lilly, but on a college girl I can’t afford much.  And I am not alone, LP fans everywhere were trying to take advantage of the deals… therefore by 8:00 am the site had crashed:

alt="lilly pulitzer site crashed", alt="lilly pulitzer endless summer sale"


By 11:30 the issues had been resolved, but that felt like a lifetime.  Once the pages loaded it was even more difficult for me to decide what to buy because I had time to over think it.  When Lilly Pulitzer is on an extreme sale, it is comparable to Gap prices not on sale, sometimes more.  It is difficult to spend so impulsively on a sale not so sale occasion.. So to break it down, even when the $375 coat is $89 I couldn’t do it.  And I loved that Lilly Pulitzer Eddison Coat, but now it is 7:00pm and long gone.

alt="lilly pulitzer endless summer sale", alt="eddison lilly pulitzer coat"


Momma promised me a Lilly Pulitzer agenda once I made up my mind about school.  Since I officially went to UB Orientation last week, I was allowed to order it.  This “nauti” little number came in the mail Friday, so it’s not like I’ve been through Lilly withdrawal: I will survive.

alt="lilly pulitzer endless summer sale", alt="lilly pulitzer agenda" Something interesting I noticed in the accessories section of the LP Endless Summer Sale, a bow tie.  The description enlightened me that that it was meant for men, but why?  Bow ties aren’t just for boys.  I own a pearl encrusted bow tie and I love boys in my hair, what’s the difference?  With a button down and skirt, you can make the look more feminine.  As if a pink and green Lilly Pulitzer bow tie didn’t already have that look.

alt="lilly pulitzer endless summer sale", alt="lilly pulitzer bow tie"


Another place to look for your Lilly Pulitzer items is Rue LaLa. I know I’ve bashed them before, but today I found the most adorable LP dress for FIFTY DOLLARS.  If I needed to expand my dress collection from 42 to 43, I would know where to turn.

alt="lilly pulitzer endless summer sale", alt="rue lala lilly pulitzer dress", alt="lilly pulitzer resort white spritz"

Did buy anything Lilly Pulitzer lately?


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