Beyonce got a hair cut. (the latest life ruining event in pop culture)

Beyonce got a hair cut.

And the world is reacting worse than they did when we thought the Mayans cursed us with an “apocalypse” in 2012.

I agree, that Bey should have given us a warning or at least a courtesy call before making such a drastic decision: but this is hardly the 2007 stunt that Brittany Spears pulled!

alt="bald brittany spears", alt="beyonce got a hair cut"


Beyonce made a huge lifestyle change.  Maybe it was the result of a mid-life crisis, but I like to give Queen B more credit than that.  This was probably an educated decision (otherwise known as a publicity stunt) that will be fixed by a wig/weave shortly, right?

alt="beyonce pixie cut", alt="beyonce got a hair cut"


And hopefully those roots/that hair color in general are taken care of too.  I don’t know about you, but if I was ridiculously famous and made an awful decision like this, there would be an overpaid stylist somewhere that no longer had a customer base.  I would make sure of it.

You think I’m overreacting?  I’m certainly not the only one that’s upset.  Check out twitter, or more importantly the account of the twitter king himself Vuanh Dang aka Judgemental Gay:

alt="judgemental gay", alt="beyonce got a hair cut"


I’m half expecting him to start a petition on to have Bey’s hair stylist executed.

alt="beyonce got a hair cut"


How are you handling Beyonce’s new look?

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