Throwback Thursday (trends edition)

Time and time again I see on twitter (and hear in person) people talking about how much they wish they were born in another era.  With that in mind, this Throwback Thursday is dedicated to trends of another time!


The 1920’s: The movie release of  the “The Great Gatsby” made many people wish they were glamorous flappers like Jordan Baker…  I know I was incredibly disappointed to be surrounded by a generation of yoga pants wearers afterwards.  During the 1920’s, Coco Chanel introduced the “chemise” changing fashion as we know it.  Good bye corsets, hello freedom!

alt="1920's flappers", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)", alt="chanel inspired flappers"

The 1930’s:  Unlike the roaring 20’s, the 30’s were kind of a fashion dud.  It was hard for people to focus on fashion in The States with such an awful economy thanks to the Great Depression!  Feedsack Dresses were popular among women and girls due to the fact that they were made out of seed bags.  The affordability and practicality was essential for those suffering financial hardships.  You can still find Feedsack Dresses on ebay and thrift stores, if you hunt!

alt="feedsack", alt="feedsack dress", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)", alt="throwback thursday"

The 1940’s:  The 1940’s were still a rough time for fashion, due to WW2.  Fabrics such as Nylon were in short supply because they were used for the war efforts to make parachutes among other things.  I did a report my senior year on Nylon, so I know first hand how boring it is.  Boleros are cool though, and in 1943 specifically they were quite popular.

alt="bolero", alt="1940's bolero", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)"

1950’s:  The 1950’s is arguably my favorite fashion era.  It was a time of pearls, housecoats, and cat eye glasses.  But as an opinionated woman that likes to be seen and heard, I don’t know if my personality would have fit in well during this time…

alt="1950's cat eye glasses", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)", alt="cat eye glasses"


A Chemise: It’s a night gown or lingerie.  Some sundresses are chemise inspired with their flowy styles, but nobody really wears an actual chemise in public.. so unless it’s Halloween, you won’t see these.

(I would have an image, but Google can be pretty raunchy with the results and I like to keep my blog PG, sorry!)

A Feedsack Dress: I’ve never seen anyone wear a feedsack dress (that I know of), but FEED bags have become rather trendy.  If you are familiar with TOMS shoes and their motto, FEED bags are similar, but deal with giving food to people in other countries!  You can feed a child school meals for a year with the $80 FEED burlap bag.  Even celebs like Jennifer Anniston are rocking them.

alt="jennifer anniston", alt="jennifer anniston feed bag", alt="throwback thursday", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)"

A Bolero: Personally, I only condone the wearing of a bolero with an evening gown.  I’ve never been much of a shrug person, and I feel like they give off more of an old lady look than a vintage one.  I wore a bolero with my 10th grade prom dress!

alt="wedding bolero", alt="lace bolero", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)"

A pair of Cat Eye Glasses:  I love cat eye glasses.  I had a pair in 11th grade and lost them in the bottom of a lake in Old Forge.  In September I am buying new glasses and have every intention of them being Cat Eyes.  I can only dream they will be as gorgeous as the Tom Ford pair below.

alt="tom ford cat eye glasses", alt="throwback thursday (trends edition)"

How do you wear past trends for modern day?

Feel free to comment:

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