The Pinterest Challenge: Repin VS. Like

Pinterest has everything.  From impossible nail art to DIY picture frames, you can find it on Pinterest.  There are many things I “like” instead of repin, and I started thinking… how do I decide what goes on my pinterest boards?

The Pinterest Challenge:  Repin VS. Like

The Blue Wedding Gown

alt="blue wedding dress", alt="creative wedding gown", alt="cinderella wedding dress"

My argument: The tight fitting top, the poofy bottom.. Disney’s Cinderella was made for this dress.  If you remember my prom dress, dramatic and unexpected formal dresses are kind of my thing.. But is it right for my wedding day? One way to find out… I mean, I’ll have my Pinterest Boards in 10 years, right?

Repin VS. Like: REPIN.

The Neon Pink J Crew Shorts

alt="pink j crew shorts", alt="pink and white print shorts", alt="preppy shorts"My argument: The inseam is a great length, the color is eye catching.. but so are those ugly poorly place zippers. Why draw more attention to my love handle region with contrasting silver hardware?  I’m not in love.

Repin VS. Like: LIKE.

Minion Cupcakes

alt="despicable me cupcakes", alt="minion cupcakes", alt="pinterest cupcakes"

My argument: I don’t cook.  I am great at preheating an oven, I’m even better at microwaving leftovers.. but I think I could actually manage making these minion cupcakes!  Lets get real, I don’t make anything on my “Manga Manga Board

Repin VS. Like: REPIN.

The Adorable Cockapoo

alt="cockapoo", alt="dogs of pinterest"My argument: I’m not getting a dog any time soon, I’m lucky my cat is still alive…  A dog?  A real live yippy animal that has to go on walks?  I’ll just check my Pinterest board when I feel the urge to get one.

Repin VS. Like: REPIN.

Red Strappy Flats

alt="red strappy flats", alt="red leather flats"

My argument: For whatever reason, I’m a sucker for a pointy flat.  I had a black patent leather pair in high school and I wore them until the toes were all scuffed.  The ankle straps I would like on a sandal.. but the combination has me confused.

Repin VS. Like: LIKE.

Cowboy/Riding Boots (with cut outs)

alt="preppy cowboy boots", alt="boots with cut outs", alt="brown leather cowboy boots"My argument: I’m literally drooling over the detailing.  It’s so gorgeous, I can just picture my indigo skinnies peeking through.  I even went to the website that sells these beauties, but I’m not a cowboy and I don’t like a wooden boot heel.. 

Repin VS. Like: REPIN.

The Banana Caution Sign

alt="funny sign", alt="banana caution sign",

My argument: LOLOLOLOLOL.  This is so weird.  It’s just funny. But I don’t think I have a board for bananas so I’m gonna have to pass..

Repin VS. Like: LIKE.

Lace Detailed Black Dress

alt="goth black dress", alt="black lace dress"My argument: The detailing is cool.. the belt is just weird.  I would style the look differently, and if I can claim to style something better than Pinterest, it doesn’t deserve to be pinned.

Repin VS. Like: LIKE.

One of those overly relatable quotes

alt="relatable quote", alt="pinterest quote"My argument: I’m a girl.  That relates to every quote she ever reads.  And I’m on Pinterest at 11 o’clock at night… overthinking. So duh, what do you think I’m gonna do?

Repin VS. Like: REPIN.

Justin Beiber makes kittens fangirl

alt="justin beiber kittens", alt="crazy kittens"

My argument: Just look at those kittens. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love cats.

Repin VS. Like: REPIN & LIKE.

My conclusion:  If I like everything about it, I will repin.  If it fits into one of categories of boards, I will repin.  If it has cats, I will repin.  Everything else?  I will like.

 Pinterest Challenge: How do you decide whether to “repin” or “like”?

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