My favorite twitter #blogchats

If you are a blogger, you probably already know about twitter #blogchats -or you should.  Twitter #blogchats are found under hashtag terms in the search bar.  There are certain days and times that you can “meet” up with others and discuss various topics.  As a blogger, blog chats have been so helpful in expanding my knowledge base and readership. Certain chats are open to non-bloggers too.

Below are some of my favorites, feel free to come join:

Sunday 9-10 EST #blogchat

It’s exactly how it sounds: be prepared to chat about your blog!  Not a blogger?  This is a great place to decide if you should be.  Also, if you represent a company you can find bloggers here.  There are some very experienced bloggers, and even some newbies giving feedback and making connections.  This is one of the more established chats that I take part in. #blogchat is hosted by Mack Collier.

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Monday 9-10 EST #blogtrends

It would be wrong if I left #blogtrends off my list, after all I was just recently their featured blogger!  This chat specifically pertains to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogs. One of my latest connections thanks to this great chat is the fabulous  Clara Bellum! This doll is designing the newest layout of my site -stay tuned!

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Tuesday 3-4 EST #fblchat

This chat is based in the UK, but it’s cool being an American in a sea of Europeans (;  I “met” a fellow American, Lindsay Pattan through the FBL: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Bloggers Facebook page (JOIN!!!) and now I’m entered in a contest to go to Saint Louis Fashion Week!  30 bloggers are picked.  Will you be one?

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Tuesday 9-10 #bloggab

The fabulous Patrick Phillips introduced me to #bloggab.  This was the first chat I ever attended!  I quickly learned that I couldn’t keep up with a chat through the twitter search bar, there’s too much going on.  The blog gabbers showed me, how to self host my site, and advertise.  I owe it all to this chat.

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Wednesday 3-4 EST #stylechat

The past few weeks I’ve missed #stylechat due to my job as a Nanny.. but it’s the chat I’m most passionate about. It’s hosted by Style Caster and it’s HUGE.  All we talk is fashion!  Companies, bloggers, fashionistas, and more all discuss their likes, dislikes, trends, and style advice. I’ve talked to NICOLE MILLER (the designer) on this chat! How cool is that!!!

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What twitter #blogchats are your favorite?

Feel free to comment:

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