My name is Allison Deutschman and I am a monogram-aholic.

I believe it is part of prep territory to love monograms.  I recently have become obsessed, and instagram is completely to blame.

I never realized that boutiques and ordinary people like you and me can set up shop on instagram.  I always saw the photo (and recently video!) app as just a sharing tool, but now I see that the possibilities are endless.

Introducing: Miley’s Monograms



Follow @mileysmonograms on instagram, you won’t regret it.  She posts monogrammed tees, shorts, bags, tanks, towels and cosmetic bags all the time!  She has a huge range of thread color options as well as various fonts.  I ordered 3 tops with an anchor, eiffel tower, and sea horse 2 weeks ago, but just this past week she had a B1G1 half off sale, I regret not purchasing.. but I’m saving for a car (LOL).

To order you can text her at 919-389-0881 or e-mail her at  Her shipping is only $3.50!  If you’re in Raleigh, NC she may even meet up with you.  She accepts cash, checks, PayPal and now even credit cards.  It honestly couldn’t be any easier than that.



Of course Miley’s Monograms isn’t the only company to take advantage of this new business method.  I found CBC Monograms the same way..

Introducing: CBC Monograms

Caroline sells similar products as Miley’s Monograms, but my personal favorites are the headbands and button downs.  You can’t get any more prep that that!  Below is my recent order:

photo (26)


You can browse more CBC Monograms items on instagram @cbcmonograms or place an order by texting her at 276-614-4355.

Have you ever purchased items thanks to instagram?

Feel free to comment:

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