My first pair of patterned pants

I’ve always envied girls that could pull off patterned bottoms.  As someone with a bit more to love in the hips, I was a firm believer that I was destined to wear solid colors for eternity…  Until I found the polka dot pants.

Material and design are everything when trying to find figure flattering pants.  I’ve come to the conclusion that finding a patterned pant which works for you is no exception.  For example, it’s so much easier to wear a bottom constructed with denim instead of spandex, regardless of body type.

I love to wear ponte leggings as pants, because they are thick.  The same logic works with patterned pants!  The jeans I found at LOFT remind me of a lightweight corduroy, just enough substance to be out of the jegging category.

LOFT Modern Skinny Polka Dot Jeans

                        photo (25)

It doesn’t hurt that these jeans were a steal too.  They were in the clearance area marked down to TEN DOLLARS.  I tried them on, instantly fell in love, and then was delighted to find out that all of the clearance also gets an additional 15% off.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to buy them, I was searching through my wallet for cash and found a $5 Discover Gift Card that I received due to paying my credit card bill on time.  After the gift card I paid $3.96 for these amazing pants.

I like how the dotted pattern is subtle enough that the pants can still be used as a neutral.  Does that defeat the purpose of a patterned pant though?  Would I be able to wear an obviously patterned bottom   Next on my list of purchases, I am determined to find floral.

There’s nothing quiet about floral.

Papaya and Forever 21 have a few pairs, but I would be concerned about the cheap material.  I don’t feel like patterned jeans are something you can purchase without trying on, although I’m tempted.

Rebecca Minkoff has a different take on the trendy floral jeans.  Only the cuffs of her Digital Floral Skinny Boot Jeans are accented with color/design, and although they are not $3.96 like my LOFT ones, they could be worth the investment.

Rebecca Minkoff Digital Floral Skinny Boot



I’ve never owned white jeans.  I definitely believe a deeper color is better on bottom, but my other opinion on changed, could this?

…honestly, I can’t justify them since I’m supposedly saving for a car so it doesn’t really matter.


How do you feel about patterned pants?

photo (24)

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