I withdrew from FIT.

I may be the most indecisive person that’s ever existed.


I guess I could be described as that too..

So dolls, I changed my mind.  I withdrew from FIT.


Last minute?  Yeah.

But at least I made this executive decision before winding up in NYC.

I decided that I don’t want to major in Fashion Merchandising.  I don’t like math.  I’m not the absolute greatest at it either.

I found out I wasn’t going to graduate in 2 years, it was going to cost almost the same as Canisius ($$$$) and that these days, I wear (monogrammed) t shirts with gym shorts one day and a sun dress the next.

 I like that kind of flexibility without pressure.

I want to enjoy fashion, not ruin it by going to the fashion capital.

Some other things to note: I live in the anti-NYC, I’m 18, and I don’t want to leave yet.  I never liked Manhattan.  Why change that opinion to try and go to the best school for a major I don’t even want?

It might be what I’m “supposed” to do.  It might not.

And I don’t honestly care what anybody thinks about this -except for me.


So, now I’m back to a similar spot I was in January.. thanks to my indecisiveness.

And I’m semi-okay with it.

I am going to end up at Buffalo State College studying Journalism or University at Buffalo studying English with a Journalism certificate and a minor in education.


I don’t know.  Both schools have rolling admissions.

I just know I’m going to continue onto a Bachelor’s.

And either way I won’t have to live at home!


Sorry mom, nothing against you.. I just want independence and cute clothes.

My beloved readers if you don’t realize it by now..

My life isn’t predictable. Or boring.

Stay tuned.

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