People love pointless things

People love pointless things.  It always seems like our society has a difficult time differentiating between items they want and need.

Take the parasol for example:


How many times have you used a parasol in your life?  Not an umbrella, I’m referring to it’s sister, the cute lace wispy cover that “blocks the sun”  Way back in the days of ancient Egypt, these might have been more practical, but they were still more frequently used to symbolize status, not for purpose.  In 2013 the parasol has been replaced by air conditioning, fans, and hats to keep cool.  Thankfully these new items tend to leave less awkward tan lines.

Let’s talk about non-prescription glasses (also known as Fashion Frames):

glasses cateye il_fullxfull.212983697

These glasses are completely pointless.  There is no logic involved in this accessory, I would compare them to face jewelry.  My mother and I were discussing laser eye surgery the other day, and I told her I would buy many pairs of fashion frames anyways.  It seemed pretty pointless to undergo a $10,000 operation after I said that.

Get ready for a throwback: sticker earrings


My inner 90s child just smiled.  Those pink hearts made me feel like SUCH a grown up!  My ears were pierced when I was very young so, there was absolutely no point to these, but scrubbing the adhesive off my ears was always an enjoyable experience.

Now that we’re being all nostalgic, why not mention jelly shoes?


The only thing more repulsive to me than crocs, are jelly shoes.  I can’t even handle the fact that I wore these.  Are you going to argue the point is that they were great for water? So are flip flops.  Water shoes even (not that I’m recommending those either).  Just looking at this picture makes my feet hurt.

So there you have it; the only blog post that you might ever find which incorporates parasols and jelly shoes.  And the point to this post?  There was none.

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